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Interview: Shibani Bathija

Posted by Vivek on September 9, 2008 | No Comments

Shibani bhathija
People may have different opinions about FANAA and KANK, but the unanimous verdict was that like it or lump it, both kept the audiences engaged and on their seats, while it enacted on the large screen. Can we expect the same from KIDNAP?

I surely hope so. If KIDNAP achieves the success of FANAA or KANK no one would be happier than me. If a film is successful it means a great number of people enjoyed it. That is ultimately the purpose of a mass medium.

Three films and three distinct directors, what was it, as a writer, to work with Sanjay Gadhavi?

I will always be grateful to Sanjay for his loyalty to KIDNAP. We had the script ready way before he did DHOOM or DHOOM 2 and through it all he held on to his yen for KIDNAP. In the face of many odds he has seen it through. Unknown to most, Sanjay has a fantastic sense of humor so I thoroughly enjoyed all our interactions. He made work fun!.

Talk a little about the story and the screenplay of KIDNAP? Any incident that inspired you to write the film?

There wasn’t any incident in particular. I enjoy puzzles and KIDNAP is a puzzle played out in a dramatic manner.

What genre is this film?

I enjoy in between spaces and KIDNAP is in between a thriller and a drama. Hopefully the audiences will find it to have the best of both.

A little about the character development of both the central and the ancillary characters?

Kidnap is a David vs Goliath story. Sanjay Dutt’s character is Goliath to Imran Khan’s David. Only David has a secret weapon in this one, he has Goliath’s daughter!.

I could not have asked for better casting. Sanjay Dutt is larger than life and has brought his immense grace and dignity to Vikrant Raina’s character. He is truly brilliant in the film. As for Imran Khan, he has made the 4 year wait to see Kidnap in the theaters worthwhile. It’s as if the film was on hold only for him to come on the scene. Sanjay and I knew he was ‘the one’ the moment we first saw him, long before we ever saw Jaane Tu. Imran has embodied Kabir in a way that is rarely seen from an actor. Minissha Lamba is outstanding as Sonia and she will surprise everyone with her nuanced performance..and her fab figure! and Vidya Malvade, has done what few actors do, she has boldly played a mother to an 18 year old. Kudos to her professionalism and the ease with which she has portrayed the feisty, passionate Mallika Raina.

What’s next on the plate after KIDNAP?

MY NAME IS KHAN. Jaaye-Clean.flv
Song: Mit Jaaye
Film: KIDNAP (Releasing on October 2)
Picturised on: Imran Khan
Courtesy: Studio 18 International
Audio on: Sony BMG
Song No.2: Hey Ya
Film: KIDNAP (Releasing on October 2)
Picturised on: Minissha Lamba
Courtesy: Studio 18 International
Audio on: Sony BMG

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