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The Other End Of The Line – A Review

Posted by Vivek on October 30, 2008 | No Comments

Meeting All The Checklist Items
An Ashok Amritraj movie, of late, has some characteristics. It is safe, does not take too many chances on the script, which in turn follows a pretty straightforward traditional three act structure, has a feel good and happy ending and moves along at a crisp enough pace to prevent boredom or too much of seriousness to set in. In effect traditional family fare and nothing wrong with that.

A Hollywood film on India, of late and not of so late, has some of the following characteristics: An obsession with arranged marriage, An Indian girl who is forced to marry by her parents and does not know what she wants until she hits the shores of the US, etc.

Given that, for the most part the film plays true to the Checklist items. But there is a freshness in treatment in that movies about call center’s have been made, but few go to the lengths to explain the characteristics and life of the modern day “call center interaction,” and this one does it well.

San Francisco and New York are captured well on the screen. The characters all stick to their assigned characters, for the most part. The pace moves along well, some inconsistencies in the script of an independent “today’s” Mumbai girl suddenly becoming a docile fiancée, but that can be explained as a “means to appeal to the American audience ploy” and that is fine and accepted.

Good performances by all the actors, although I would have loved to see Tara Sharma and Shreya switch roles, but all others blend in well, with Anupam Kher perhaps being underutilized.

The background and the music enhance the narrative and some subtle humor of an Insurance salesman dad, hit home.

Overall recommendation, a light watch which probably will be enjoyed a little more by the NRI’s as opposed to the RI’s, who might do well to wait for FASHION.

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