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Firstly take out from your system that Madhur makes “reality movies.” PAGE 3 people in the real life party and are very normal and don’t resort to child porn, CORPORATE types who go to Nariman Point to work, don’t spend their evening sleeping around, else India would not be an economic powerhouse..ditto for FASHION, it is based on true events, but after that- highly sensationalized and “made believe.”
Models and modeling is in fact a lot more professional and corporate than a lot of other jobs. Names like Anna Bredmayer, Lubna Adams, Jesse Randhawa, etc command a certain “discipline” and rarely is associated with the words “controversy.” And all are Supermodels. But in Madhur’s world, being a Supermodel  is synonymous  with dope, drinks and living life on the edge. The characters are all alike in the ALL THE MALE FASHION DESIGNERS IN THE FILM ARE GAY.
Add to that some very convenient reasoning in the scripting, such as how easily a tough as nails Priyanka succumbs to the pressures of fame, the sudden change in characterization of Mughda Gondse and also the demise of Kangana’s character. Then there is the issue of the length of the movie and the fixation with having Priyanka in every frame.
Ok enough said on the negatives.
The film does entertain. There are elements of reality of the current India and Mumbai thrown in and finally there is an unusual script and subject, in this age of remakes, inspirations and lift off’s.
The music is awesome and the highlights of the performance are those of Kitu Gidwani, Sameer Soni, Mughda Godse and towering there, Kangana Ranaut. Priyanka plays her part with conviction, but clearly the one who steals the thunder is Kangana, she is the actress here.  Well directed, with production values that almost look like a Karan Johar film (watch out for him in the film, along with Madhur)
The pace is much crisper pre interval, but tapers a little post that.  All in all an entertaining and well visualized tale of the Indian fashion industry.
MERA ZAMANA MERA HAIN YAHAN- Move over OLD style films, Bollywood is ready and itching for a change. Fashion is a new age film.
Overall verdict: A good watch.
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well analysized.yes Mr. Bhandarkar sure needs a reality check on the credibility of fashion designers of india.should NIFT,NID etc just shut down the institution. because as projected in the film all you need is to fly to bangkok re label the garments and have a grand fashion show.oh come on. barkha November 7, 2008 at 1:23 am
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