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Interview with Arzoo Govitrikar

Posted by Shyla Lopez on November 5, 2008 | 1 Comment

Arzoo Govitrikar

Tell us about your background and your journey as a model/actor. the challenges you faced. your forray into films?

I come from a middle class background,I hail from Pune…i am an Electronics and Telecommunication Engg. by profession.I never would’ve thought of becoming a model or an actor until my sister, Aditi, entered the field. I was studying Engg. then wanted to quit and enter the field but parents have always given importance to education …Hence had to finish the Engg degree and come here, to Mumbai.

Tell us about your upcoming films?

I’ve just finished shooting for a film called “It’s Myy Life…directed my Anees Bazmee…I play Nana Patekar’s daughter-in -law. Am also busy shooting for the popular daily soap, Ghar Ek Sapna ( Vanshika) on Sahara One.

Baghbaan was a family drama, Mere Baap.. a comedy.. which genre do you prefer? Also how was experience working with Ravi Chopra and Priyadarshan?

Both the directors are fabuluous people to work with as are the two genre’s…Priyadarshan is super wit comedy and Raviji is good wit intense films…I enjoy both kinds of genre’s.

Your sister Aditi is a successful model. People are bound to make comparisons, how do you handle it. Does it affect your relationship with her?

Comparisons do happen but that does not affect our relationship at all….we both are doing different stuff…Aditi is my guide..a friend nothing has changed between, us we used to fight as kids and we fight even now.
Arzoo Govitrikar

You are also seen in a few television serials.. EK Ladki Anjani Si on Sony and Ghar EK Sapna on Sahara One. what do you enjoy more doing a soap or fims?

I love doing films better than serials coz work timings are far lesser in films against the gruelling 13-14 hr shifts in television …other then timing i think both tv and films are equally satisfying.

Arzoo Govitrikar Arzoo Govitrikar

-Interviewed by SHYLA LOPEZ

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congragulation and best of luck ur future u r the some of one who r malika of all hearts,luv u soooo Engg.Naeem May 15, 2013 at 12:51 pm
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