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Interview with Darshan Dave

Posted by Shyla Lopez on November 10, 2008 | No Comments

Tell us about your background and your journey to Mumbai from Jaipur?

Darshan Dave as Don

Hi Shyla, I’m basically a science student,it was not a self enforced, self proclaimed decision of becoming an actor out of self obsession. I felt that acting or music or writing doesnt seem like work to me, I found this the easiest, most entertaining, enjoyable work that comes naturally to me, its fun,and since I was too lazy to do a job,I decided not to work a single day of my life and hence in this profession (smiles).

Being from a musical family,started composing,writing and arranging songs at a young age,won several awards,took time in deciding if I should go to Mumbai,till I got reassurance from my parents,friends,teachers,neighbours that I should be there,without even expressing to them ever that I had the same plans since the time I started contemplating my future….

After my science graduation I came to Mumbai and got myself enroled in a film direction course from St.Xavier’s College,wherefrom I passed out with the highest grade,and won’t say ever felt lost or disoriented even for a moment after that,although I worked as an Asst.Dir.,Music Composer,Lyricist,Playback Singer but all to be an actor…..and after doing telefilms with Mr.Ajai Sinha,Ravi Chopra and others as a hero,composing music with Sunidhi Chauhan and the legendary Dev Anand,and being the main model of brands like Revital and Easy Offbang…..I got my first daily show Ghar Ek Sapna.

You are a multifaceted personality, music composer, singer, actor. What made you take up acting as a career?

Firstly it was a very philosophically inclined decision that I wanted to live many lives in one life time,acting has given me the satisfaction of experiencing various emotions and lives on a more deeper level,how it is to be someone else,it is most of time like a rebirth,and secondly since by gods grace my knowledge of music or writing has not only been limited to having a fairly good knowledge or understanding of music so that you can just evalutate it,but it was a step ahead in a way that I even had the skill to do it myself,the pleasure of being creative is more than just being a critic,and fortunately I realized acting would be the only art form where I would be able to incorporate all my skills to enhance it,so acting gives me a chance to keep my other talents alive……else as a composer or writer I would have got very few opportunities to act…..

Do you have a formal training in singing or music composing? (I believe you mother is a professor of Indian Classical… could you please mention a bit about her).

My mother Dr.Prem Dave is working as a professor in Music Rajasthan University,is M.A in vocal music and M.A and Phd. in Kathak dance,she is a classical dancer and singer and as you felt that I can be called ‘multifaceted’,then I feel it must be hereditary as she too in her college days was a sargent in NCC and a science graduate (smiles).

I have a Sangeet Visharad degree,but I wont say I have just taken formal training in music,believe you me informal training in any art form is much more effective that what you call a formal customary patterened training…. She has trained me while cooking,in the car,while making me sleep,during morning walks or evening strolls or on a cup of tea….its 24*7 and you dont even realize it,so it was a sort of a formal training where a guru was always there to observe what I was doing but still I was free to experiment with my style……..

You were awarded the Best Actor Jury ITA. What does it mean to you ?

Darshan Dave with ITA Award

Its again an interesting tale,that I just didnt want to do this role at any cost because I felt it was not the main lead of the show, …I had turned it down,but Mr.Ajai Sinha,the producer/director of the show had more conviction in me than myself, being a well wisher he convinced me for days,and at last with a heavy heart I decided to go ahead as I wanted to work with him. Even during the first schedule I was so depressed that I was thinking of some excuse to opt out of the show as I just wanted to play the hero and not a character, just before my first shot I felt that doing my first scene with a heavy heart would make the situation worse and there is a slightest possibility that if I use my writing,music and acting skills to try and make this character as different, it might stand out,…I just gave everything I could in the first scene and rest is history, Sujit was all over the show,….and Ajai ji’s conviction won…..

I received two nominations and the Best Actor ITA Jury award in just 10 months,…although its sad that just because of the carelessness of one employee in the unit this year, entries for the awards could not be sent in time…so this next session I will not compete for any award…

But this award has really made a difference as it makes your presence felt to the whole country as an actor and you get instant recognition for all good reasons…..

You play a Bihari don with great aplomb in Ghar Ek Sapna.. tell us how does the ‘actor prepare’?

Darshan Dave in Ghar ek Sapna

I’m not a Bihari, have never been with Biharis and have never got an opportunity to observe Biharis, neither I had enough time to learn the language, so I had to make my own Bihari from whatever little refereces I could think of, I used to sit for hours on my lines, had to translate every word and sentence into, what seemed like Bihari to me….everyday I had to rewrite my dialogues at home and come prepared the next day on the sets, but it was quite surprising to know that all Biharis including my co actor and veteran Vineet kumar use to compliment me on my Bihari…. equally important was my appearance and body language in the show as I was playing a character little elder to my age, very larger than life,an outlaw, a terror…completely unlike me….(smiles) so in real life I don’t relate to Sujit at all, I have just potrayed an adorable and larger than life charactor, for which I will also give credit to my writers, director, costume and make up dept. also. But now after 400 episodes I don’t really have to bother about this potrayl and Bihari translation, it comes natural now….

Reality t.v. India is big nowadays. What are you views about it. Would you like to be part of a REALITY SHOW?

Darshan Dave

Most of the reality shows are unoriginal copies of something which is already exhausted,….I think its economics also doesnt suit me, I get paid much more for my shows than they can pay me in a reality show….and if at all it would interest me creatively or atleast I would have fun, I would do it, else since my childhood, the last thing I want to do is,… be a part of the crowd…..if reality shows are a trend, this word, ‘trend’,or ‘in fashion’ irritates me….just because everybody is doing it I should also do it, is the last thing that comes to my mind, I want to be the first person to do things,set a trend and let others follow it…..else with this mentality I should have stayed back in Jaipur, and become a doctor or an engineer, just because everybody was becoming one……

Every actor wants to shine on the silver screen. What are your plans?

Darshan Dave

Yes, you used the right word ‘Shine’…if I feel the character or the role has any scope to ‘shine’ in the script, I will do that film else I would not like to flicker like a candle behind a shining star, if I get the main lead I would love to do it else I would be more happy to make a place and standout on the small screen, I have already received several offers from film makers which I didn’t like for many reasons….either the script was not good or the maker was a follower and not a trend maker….if they don’t want actors to act in an acting medium why should I waste my energy in that medium, I just want to act with honesty, keep improving myself, be it films, television or a nukkad naatak…it doesn’t matter….

Your couple of inquisitive questions and perseverance forced me to open up so much….it was surprisingly magical from your side to make me write so much and be so attached and concerned,i honestly had a nice time writing for you….thankyou.


-Interview by Shyla Lopez

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