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Dostana – Clichéd, Predictable & Entertaining

Posted by Vivek on November 16, 2008 | No Comments

Dostana is a Karan Johar production. No, don’t take my word for it, nor Karan’s, the film is feel good cinema. Again nothing wrong with it, this is mass communications, and here is a feel good mass communicating product…except it takes on the subject of being “gay,” but in a light and feel good manner.
It appears as though “gayism” is suddenly exploding in Bollywood. Like most things, it is a town of trends. What else can explain two big budget films, back to back and both having a strong “gay” characterization….Fashion and Dostana.

Unlike a Fashion, though Dostana, treads more within the bounds. The scenes appear clichéd and almost have a look of “I saw that coming” or “I may have seen it somewhere else,” but having said that, it does have it’s moments of humor and have enough to make it an overall entertaining product.
Things like production values, etc, are in true Karan style, “cool” and “ultra sophisticated.” It is a Tarun film, but is also a Karan film.
From the actors, John Abraham has truly come of age. He underplays his part and steals the thunder. Abhishek is competent, Priyanka has her moments and Bobby is …well..Bobby. Kiran is well…Kiran…and Boman is solid. The music, while not having the making of a classic, has enough in it to keep pace with the movement of the film. Nice visuals of Miami and of the characters.

The obvious drawback is that the script has been written to over emphasize the “gay” quotient, as opposed to making it “matter of fact,” hence in a way it almost is urging you to treat homosexuality with an overdose as opposed to “I’m ok and you’re ok scenario.” A slight twist to the script had the makings of a powerful film, but somewhere in this equation of “if he does not get the leading lady, nor should he,” a potentially compelling film and script, becomes an entertaining film, but nothing more.

Overall though, given the trying conditions of the environment we are mired in, a good and wholesome diversion of make believe and feel goodness for the entire family.

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