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Interview with actor Vinay Pathak

Posted by Vivek on December 31, 2008 | 1 Comment

What made you turn a Producer, along with being the lead actor, in Dasvidaniya?

Vinay Pathak

Many people don’t know, I have been a producer for a while and we have a production company called LemonTea Productions, with my friend and partner, Shashant Shah, who is also the director of the film. We had been planning stuff in television, theater and so when the time came to make the first film, Dasvidaniya was the right script for the kind of film, our company wanted to make.

So what is Dasvidaniya all about and why the decision to make this film?

See Arshad Syed, the scriptwriter for this film, and I have a long association in television. As has Shashant. When we formed our production company four years ago, the idea was always to eventually make a film. We started with a short film. Also when the time came to make our debut feature, we wanted our first product to be something that we can fully stand by. The first product is always the most important one. Also all of us were known for our comedy shows in television. As an actor I have done numerous non comic films like Jhonny Gaddar, Manorma Six Feet Under, Mithya, Khoya Khoya Chand, etc, none of which were comic roles, but I am still know as the comedian from Bheja Fry, and rightly so, since that was a super film and a role. So the logical thing for our production company start would have been to make our first film, a comedy. But the more difficult and challenging choice, was to make a film, whose script we truly believed in. When the script of Dasvidaniya was narrated to us, there was never any doubt, in our minds that this film, about the extraordinary life of an ordinary person, who knows he has a few days to live, was something we wanted to do. From there on things fell right into place, but that belief to make this our film, was right through the whole process.

Talking about challenges, you are not alien to them. You came from the US and have cut out an actor’s life in Mumbai. Any regrets in that journey?

Vinay Pathak

No none. The journey has been for lack of a better word, the journey of life. And one can be melodramatic and emphatic about it, but the fact is that the up’s and down’s, the challenges and the opportunities, that has come from actually living life, has been great. In any form of time and space and amongst any creative person, it is this real journey of living life, with all it’s shades, that makes the journey an exciting and ever learning one.

You have done theater, television and films. If all paid well and all got you as much fame, what would be your favorite medium?

All of them! They each bring their own challenges to the forefront. Theater is going back to the basics, it is the finishing school. That is what acting should be, as opposed to what it has become. Television is about facing the challenges of tight deadlines, close shots, telling stories which need to appeal to vast masses, again all of these make it very exciting. Films are the big influencers in Indian life. It is where everything comes together. So, to me all of them are equally exciting.

Whether you like to admit it or not, films are now being sold with Vinay Pathak in them. Is this an exciting era and time to be in films?

Different kinds of stories are being told, different kinds of films are being sold. This is a result of different breeds of story tellers and filmmakers coming up. So yes it is exciting for the kinds of variations in stories and films that we are seeing. It is also exciting for the audiences, since they are seeing and demanding a variety.

You have played the funny guy, the leading guy, a somewhat bad guy in Manorma, now any intent to play the dark, dark, bad guy, like the Darth Vader. Especially since you are such a powerful actor and the hero can be an ok actor, but the villain has almost always got to be the powerful actor?

Vinay Pathak

I would love to, but to me the most convincing element is the story. There can exist powerful characters, but if they are not woven into a convincing story then it all falls flat. The story is the most powerful driving force for my selection process. Then everything else follows. Of course I would love to experiment with every facet of human emotion, as long as the story is compelling.

Finally, any desire to go back to your roots i.e. theater and also tell us about your current and upcoming projects?

I have never given up theater and continue to do it throughout the year, and also whenever time permits me to. In fact I am performing a play in Pune this weekend. Current projects are Rab Ne, Oh My God, then there is film by a first time director Ajay Varma, called S.R.K, a remake of a Malayalam film, there is Mumbai Cutting, a series of short films all packaged together, Straight Ek Teri Meri Love Story and there is Sanjay Jha’s Mumbai Chakachak, where I am playing the main villain.

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thank you for this interesting interview. i loved DASVIDANIYA. all the best to Vinay Pathak. aarti khanna February 8, 2009 at 6:39 am
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