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Interview with actress Neetu Chandra and Director Vikram Kumar

Posted by SHYLA LOPEZ and Vivek on March 5, 2009 | No Comments


Tell me about your role in 13 B?

Play a shy coy girl, who is a regular simple housewife, who thinks the television is a danger to her family and life. 13 B is a supernatural thriller. The effects and the production was of the highest order and really cool. It was fun working with a team which has suc

h technical finesses

Was Traffic Signal your first movie?

No that was Garam Masala. Traffic Signal, One Two Three and Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye, were the other films in subsequent order.

What are your upcoming films?

I have five ready for release. With directors like Vipul Shah, Gary Grewal, movies like Mumbai C

utting, so a full slate. Have signed a few more which are under production.

About your life outside of acting?

I am a black belt in Taekwondo and have played basketball at an inter college level. I still play basketball in a club here, where I am the only girl in an all boy team.

On your journey from Bihar to Mumbai?

Nothing spectacular about it, the usual things one experiences in a move from a small town, to the big city. What I want to mention is that all along this journey, my mother has been totally with me and I would not have been where I am, were it not for her. She is the main reason I am where I am.

On doing different genres?

I enjoy doing different genres and have been fortunate to get that many, in my short stint here till date. Each genre brings it’s own challenges and opportunities.

Did you ever get spooked, while shooting for 13B?

There was one such incident, where I was shooting in this one long scene in a house and a character is supposed to be there in one corner and I did not know which corner and it was pitch dark and all that was there was a electronic candle, shining straight on my face and when the shot ended, I logically figured that people would surface (I was all alone till then, save for this one shadow of the character I am looking for). When nobody surfaced for a few minutes, thanks to the pranksters on the set, I was all but ready to have a heart stoppage. Later on I was joking with the unit that this came about as close to my teeny-wheeny heart stopping to beat and if they ever did that again, they would have to find a new heroine, when 80% of the film was done, cause this one (me) was about to get a heart failure!!


Vikram, a little about yourself?

I won a national award for my short film ‘Silent Screen’ and have been an assistant director to filmmaker Priyadarshan. I have also directed a Telugu film ‘Ishtam’ and a Tamil film ‘Alai.’

Tell us a little about your debut film 13B?

13B is a supernatural thriller. It took me almost two years to write this script I can proudly say it will be considered amongst the best supernatural thriller so far. The finished product has exceeded my expectations. It is a bilingual film in both Hindi and Tamil.

Talk to us about your cast?

I got my dream cast. It was great working with Madhavan, Neetu Chandra and after a while, the veteran, Poonam Dhillon, makes her super comeback. The music is my Shankar-Ehsan-Loy and they have composed for both versions.

Why a supernatural thriller?

You can see these Hollywood super natural’s being dubbed in Indian languages and working out really well. Horror is not a niche genre and even my film is an out an out commercial film made for all, even kids would enjoy it as it’s not over the top scary.

What’s next on the plate?

Right now it is off to some relaxing cooking at home. After that, there are seven to eight stories that I already have in my hand which are ready to be taken to the next step. I love experimenting so for me by the time I am 60 years, I would want to have made everything, some Masala flicks, couple of action packed films, few comedies and a handful of children films.

Posted by SHYLA LOPEZ and Vivek

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13B Madhavan Madhavan
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