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6 Questions With Actor Madhavan

Posted by Arjun Sekhri on March 15, 2009 | 1 Comment

What was it about 13B that attracted you?

It is a supernatural thriller and was in a league quite by itself and better than any supernatural thriller that I have dealt with. It is about a TV. The director had a vision of the film, and it was that vision that appealed to me.

Any incidents about the film that played on. Given that it is this unique combination of being a supernatural thriller, yet one for the family?

Sure being a supernatural thriller it had it’s moments, but nothing out of the ordinary to write home about.

It’s been a while since one saw you in a Hindi film? What’s coming up in the near future?

Well I tend to do one Hindi film per year, to complement my time in the Tamil film industry, but this one (13B) being a bilingual, took some time to complete both versions. I have Teen Patti with Mr Bachchan, Rajkumar Hirani’s Three Idiots and Sikander, which is coming out later this month. So quite a varied plate.

Given that you split time between the Tamil and the Hindi cinema, is there going to be a direction one way or the other, on which one gets preference?

I’m keen to do both, as long as I get great scripts to work with, would like to traverse both fronts.

What about films in English, perhaps Hollywood, given the post Slumdog Millionaire effect?

I have a fairly good command over three languages, Tamil, Hindi and English, so if the film is would love to do English films, if it is from Hollywood so be it, as long as the script excites me.

One has seen you as a leading guy and then as a strong character actor, like in Rang De Basanti. Is there a typical actor fixation about doing only leading roles?

Like any selfish actor, I would like to do as many leading roles as possible, but of course there is also a part of me which wants to be part of the archival cinema, such as Rang De Basanti, so in those kinds of films, I would definitely want to be a part of, even in strong character roles.

Madhavan Madhavan Madhavan
B13 Madhavan Madhavan
Nina Manuel Madhavan Madhavan

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Is this a Tamil film that was dubbed in Hindi? Pran May 6, 2009 at 4:11 pm
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