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Interview Arranged by Rajnigandha Shekhawat

Post Rock On, the one danger I see is that you will give up the supporting roles, which you d

id very well in movies like Woh Lamhe and only concentrate on leading Guy roles, your take on that?
As an actor one always harbours a dream to do films that are about ones onw character. I’m just giving a shot at that. Let’s see what comes of it. Am keeping my fingers crossed.

What are your upcoming releases and your roles in them?
Rangeen (working title) is one film I’m looking forward to. It has an ensemble cast. My role in the film is very interesting but i cannot reveal much about it right now. But i have to say that we all had a ball shooting it.

Does one get to see you back on Television anytime soon?
No TV for the moment. I’m happy doing films.

Describe your journey till now in Bollywood?
I have had to learn everything I know through sheer hardwork, on the job. All I can say is that it’s been one hell of a class!

Most of the films that you have acted in, have been positive roles, any likelihood of seeing you in a dark,negative role going forward?
I have done dark roles too, like the one in Awarapan. It released 2 yrs ago. That was quite challenging.

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