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Interview with Ramkamal Mukherjee of PNC

Posted by Vivek on August 30, 2009 | 2 Comment

What are the upcoming films from PNC?

With the strike in the industry we have had to re stratergize our release dates. That being said we have Aur Devdas, a horror film by Sangeeth Sivan, Raat Gaye Bat Gaye, a film by Saeed Mirza and a couple more, so a whole slate of films.

Is there anything happening on the Television front?

Nothing that we would like to discuss right now, except that we are seeing Reality doing really well and that is a segment that we would like to develop. Just like in the movies that PNC does, it will be unique and different kind of reality. Our target audience is the youth and the generation of today so when we do get into that space, it will be for that audience.

What has been the effect of the global meltdown?

It has not had much of an impact on us since we were always making films that were kept on a tight budget and our pre production and planning has been very strong for all our films. Both these factors contributed to us making content driven films with good monetary controls. We also leverage of our in house finance and accounting, marketing and other production strengths, hence have always been well managed in our production. On a larger level the global meltdown has reduced the number of films being made, so in that way it has affected us somewhat. The greater impact has been for the larger, more big budget films of the industry. Although, in a way the meltdown has brought some correction in the valuations, when one heard films being made for 50 crores, or 100 crores or 150 crores, those have been impacted. I must add here that those large valuations could well have been media’s doing since no producer or actor has gone on record confirming those high valuations, but if accurate, those kinds of deals have certainly been impacted by the meltdown.

PNC has been very forward looking as far as Indian cinema is concerned. Hazaron Khwaish, Chameli, etc…all content driven films, not dependent on stars, yet super rich films, was that a conscious decision?

Absolutely, we have been path breaking in being the first production house doing those kind of films. We have had the maximum cases of a newcomer walking in with a script idea and walking out with a contract, since to us content is king and everything else is secondary. We plan to continue with this thought process and methodology and take it into areas like gureilla films and experimental films, where the look and feel will be truly international, and by that I mean things like camera angles, things like scope, acting, story, etc. So expect to see a lot more of that revolutionary thought process in both our filmmaking and choice of actors.

There are a lot of production houses in India, what differentiates PNC?

We make films for Young India or Youngistan. Also we make films with a long term view, so if some of our films don’t ignite the box office right away, over time they tend to become cult films, they grow onto the audience. Our subject matter and presentation is for the audience of today and hence are films are for the generation now. We also have the highest standard in styling and technical excellence in our films.

-Interview by Vivek Kumar

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Hello, Can i join your team? jyoti September 1, 2009 at 10:24 am
Ramkamal Mukherjee of PNC has  picturised the scheme of the house with his words,rather than simply telling what their house has done or will be doing.We have seen some of the house's production and meseems that Ramkamal's version is abosutely fitting with what we saw on celluloid Bhardwaj Tuhinangshu September 2, 2009 at 5:21 am
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