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The Indian Entertainment industry, time and time again, reminds us, that it is an industry which welcomes ALL, from the larger cities and also those from the smaller towns and cities. When he found that he wanted more out of life than being a Marketing Executive in Baroda, part time model, Manav Gohil, decided to follow his dreams to becoming a full time actor. Indian Television welcomed this talent with open arms, and so did the viewing audience. In fact television is also what got him his spouse (also an actor of repute). Here is Manav taking us through his journey:

What got a marketing executive into showbusiness?

A whole lot of uncertain dreams that were jumbled up like the parts of a jigsaw puzzle!! A lot of fire in the belly & little

direction. I used to be a part time model in my city, Baroda. The city had little to offer in terms of fulfilling your dreams, if they were really big. To achieve something (read: just about anything) remarkable, i felt the need to move, even temporarily, to a bigger city. Closer at hand and apt was Mumbai… and the rest is history!!

Given that your spouse is also an actor, does it mean there is drama at home, or is that something that can benefits you both creatively?

Its a very regular, happy, playful couple, us. Its got its own share of disagreements, emotional moments,

fights, cushions, drama and everything thats comes along in the package called marriage :)

The benefit tho, of us both being in the same field, is that there is tremendous understanding towards our professional needs, which could be really demanding of the partner at times.

Talk about your upcoming films ?

I have just finished shooting for my first feature film. Its working title was ‘Bhanvraa’, but its now called ‘Tu nahi aur
sahi’. Its complete now and they are working on the marketing & distribution. Meanwhile, i am looking at more projects.

Summarize your work in television, to date, and also talk about your upcoming programmes?

I started working in the year 2000. Before i took the break for my film, i had finished 7 years of working on the tv. A list of my work would include shows like Kahani Ghar Ghar ki, Kusum, Saara Aakash, Kasauti, Chudiyaan, CID, Mansha, Fame Gurukul (as a host), Saarthi, Betiyaan & Nach Baliye-2. I have just finished my film now, so i would be looking at more work.

If your films take off will it be goodbye to Television?

NO…..Thats the thing of the past!! Television is no more considered small. Its reach is wider than ever before and hopefully the content will also improve soon :)

What are your interests outside of acting?

Outside of acting, i love travelling, photography, playing cricket or soccer, watching movies, interacting with youth on various issues…. ya, just constructing life at large!!

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