Posted by Arjun Sekhri on January 29, 2010 | 1 Comment

Rann goes into a different and interesting subject matter territory…that of the Media, both it’s explosive influence on the Indian way of life, it’s pressures and also the it’s evolution from the medium of information and preservation of a democracy, to becoming a full fledged business operation.
By it’s very subject matter, by the wonderful performances by Rajat Kapoor, Suchitra Krishnamurty and Rajpal Yadav, along with Amitabh and Paresh being their competent self, the film keeps you engaged as an audience, and, also makes you think after the curtains have been drawn.
The predictability though, is only too predictable. The acting by Sudeep and Neetu Chandra is almost a noticeable let down and actually distracts from the narrative unfolding. The other major distractions are the background sound  and constant camera movement, which becomes more dramatic than the scenes unfolding in the first half and then when the actual onscreen dramatics start, the sound is needed a lot more, but appears to be missing.
Also as an audience one feels there is a lot of “tell” as opposed to “show the unfolding,” and Amitabh’s speech towards the end is a classic case of, “less would have been way more engaging and open to interpretation.” Some of the characters are extremely well etched, and some, way too Black and White and lacking the layering, which goes against the caliber of the actors and the subject.
The fact that it keeps you on our seats is beyond a doubt. The fact that you yearn for the “what –if’s, is also beyond a doubt.”
What if the female characters (Gul Panag, Simone Singh, Neetu Chandra, etc) had been made more stronger, as opposed to being the mere supporters for the male presence, what if the ending had been more open ended, what if the character of the protagonist had been more “grey,” as opposed to “experienced yet naïve, almost a contradiction.”  What if, not everything had been explained at length.
Ritesh Deshmukh having the author backed role, does well and whether or not you belong to the Media industry in India, this film will make you take notice of the all encompassing aspects of the  phenomena, that is the new media in India….in your face, thought provoking, providing dramatic answers as opposed to the news and when the news itself becomes the news, you know that you are in for an interesting treat.

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Rann.. Mr. Ram Gopal Verma should take a vacation. it may help him in taking a fresh approach to shot-taking. the treatment of this film is same as Sarkar or Bhoot. the background score does not uplift the scene instead is jarring and distracting.women in his films are reduced to being props. usually known for good casting, what was he thinking when he cast Sudeep with a thick south indian hindi accent, to be Amitabh Bachhan's son. Are we expecting too much from Mr. Ram Gopal Verma? But hey you set a bechmark in the first place. Your audience/loyalists are less forgiving as they have seen better from you.   arti January 31, 2010 at 12:38 pm
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