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In any human endeavor, it is rarely about the individual, but more the contribution of a team, that is the defining factor between what is achieved and what could have been. Continuing with our count towards the conceptualization, execution and the march towards the release of SOCH LO, we profile the first team member who came on board, the Director of Photography (DOP), Sandeep Patil.
The people who have had the opportunity to see the trail shows of SOCH LO, have commented most positively on the visual look of the film, which was achieved at a shoestring budget. While there is a lot more to a film than just the camerawork, there is no denying that film is essentially a visual medium and the artist who can get the look of a million dollars, on a thousand dollar budget, is both a supreme technician and a practical genius.
Over to the FTII (Film and Television Institute of India) graduate, who will certainly be talked about once SOCH LO, has hit the screens.

How did SOCH LO happen?
I met Sartaj in Oct. 07 for this project. After passing out from FTII, I was looking for work as an independent DOP. Sartaj gave me this project, which I thought was a perfect chance to show my skill. So I was the first technical crew member to join “Soch Lo”.

Is this your first feature film?

Yes, “Soch Lo” is my first feature film. I liked the script very much.

What were the challenges that you faced while working for this film?
The main obstacle was the budget of the film as Sartaj himself was producing it, without any back up from the industry. So we decided that we will give our best results in the available budget . We worked extensively for almost 3 months before starting the shoot in Jan 08.
As the budget was very tight, I couldn’t get many advanced equipments. What we could manage is a track trolley, a car rig & a 22 feet crane. Even the lights were normal HMI’s instead of Arri PARs. All these factors were there but we decided that we won’t allow these factors to hamper our film.

SOCH LO has a very distinct look and feel.  Was it designed that way or the locations inspired you?

Before post graduating from FTII, I did my graduation from Sir JJ School of art which helped me a lot to design the look of the film. Even Sartaj was ready to try something new visually. So we both worked hard on designing the look. Also we decided to mix the formats super 16 & super 35 for different portions of the film, which also gives distinctive look to the film.

Now that the film is ready for release, when you look back how has the journey been?
When I look back now, I feel you give your best in limitations, I am very happy about the look of the film & the visual design. Till date I am connected to this film& as I told u earlier I was the first technical crew member to join in Oct 07. So it was a big struggle for all of us to complete this film. This film is very close to all of us.

What are the other projects that you working on?
After finishing “Soch Lo” I shot four more features. My second film is with Mr. Saeed Mirza, who made a film after almost 12 years, titled “Ektho Chance”. Then I shot a Marathi feature “Target” with two new directors Vivek Gore & Rajesh Kolan. Then a French production “Virgin Goat” Directed by Murali Nair. My recent film is a Marathi film “Arre Baap re.” with Sanjay Narvekar. All of them are planned to release in next few months. It would be great if my first film “Soch Lo” releases first, as it’s very close to me & we have worked hard to complete it. I hope the Indian audience will enjoy our genuine efforts without any big star cast.

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