Posted by Arjun Sekhri on April 11, 2010 | No Comments

Prince represents a cut and paste of most of the action packed films of Tom Cruise and Mat Damon. The makers seem to run it like a video game. Plenty of action, some fine sequences which are lifted straight from Hollywood and no story or at the very least, a lame one of the hero trying to find who he really is and the audience trying to find, what the film is really all about.

It is best seen and enjoyed, and yes it does have it’s entertaining moments, if one goes into the theater with a mentality of entering a video game parlor. It keeps you distracted from the mundane tasks, but the absurdity of the action sequences and the lack of story, make it a quasi game experience, as opposed to a real movie, one.

The action sequences, especially from, Aruna Shields, are classy. When women actors do action sequences well, it is like watching a gymnast and let’s face it, women gymnast appear more graceful, as opposed to the men counterpart and one often wonders, why Bollywood does not make women oriented action films.

The music and background score are engaging. From an acting perspective, Vivek is competent, Nandana and Neetu are not and Sanjay Kapoor attempts to get into Anil Kapoor of RACE’s, character. However, what is really weak is the story telling and the direction. While not a BLUE or a TASHAN, this is another attempt at Bollywood using the money at it’s disposal to blindly ape Hollywood in all special effect sequences, but forgetting about telling a real story in the process. It makes it also painful since the thrill and suspense element is missing from the soul, but is visible to the eye.

While escapism and fantasy is the very core of the film entertainment business, have some basic intelligence and flow to the make believe, as opposed to putting in twists, then explaining to the audience, time and again, makes the narrative extremely jarred.

Overall an average watch, if the stress of living is getting to you and your family.

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