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How likely is it that a family moves from Pune, India to Southern United States, probably has very little to do with the entertainment world, and yet their offspring chooses a career in acting and starts off by being in an Oscar winning short film, the West Bank Story? Very likely, if you are Noureen Dewulf and like to challenge yourself every so often. Noureen has since gone on to play varied characters in films and television. Sharing space with actors such as Matthew McConaughey in Ghosts of Girlfriends Past and Jeremy Piven in The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard.

We catch up with Noureen on her upcoming challenges:

What made you take up the acting profession?
Acting has always been my passion.

What was it like being a part of an Oscar winning short?
It was an incredible experience. Especially since “West Bank Story” was my first film…my first starring role, for it to go on and win an Oscar was just completely unexpected.

Being South Asian American, what challenges and opportunities does Hollywood present to you?
This is a very complicated question that I cannot answer simply. It is a challenging journey for an ethnic actress in Hollywood as stereotypes are very hard to escape and an ethnic actor/actress has to know how to find a balance between playing characters as they are written and just enjoying the simplicity of that choice versus examining the material to see what the fallout reaction to your character will be (if any) in society…

Would Bollywood be a world, that might interest you and would language be an issue?
I would certainly entertain the idea of doing a Bollywood film if the right script and role were presented to me. I would love to work in Hindi/Urdu, as I did speak it growing up, I would love to perform in a film with Hindi or Urdu. There is something very beautiful about our South Asian languages and I would be thrilled to use it in a film.

Talk a little about your upcoming projects, in both films and television?
A) “The Back Up Plan” stars Jennifer Lopez and is a romantic comedy, in the film I play Daphne, her friend who works in her pet store. “The Taqwacores” based on the novel of the same name is about Yusef, an undergrad who moves into a house of Muslim Punk Rockers. In the film I play Rabeya a punk rock riot girl who wears a Burkha as her punk rock statement. I’m also recurring on a new MTV comedy called Hard Times of RJ Berger as Claire. And I’m also recurring on TNT’s “Hawthorne” starring Jada Pinkett Smith.

From a medium perspective, television or feature films, which is your preferred choice and why?
A) As far as TV I love it. I love how fast people can see your work. The final product is based directly on the script. As far as films, well films are forever and that is special. Both have their own unique advantages, I really don’t have a preference, I just love to play interesting characters.

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