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Raajneeti – Been There Seen That

Posted by Arjun Sekhri on June 12, 2010 | No Comments

If you’ve seen Godfather and Kalyug and read the Mahabharat or seen the original one as a serial, you have pretty much covered Rajneeti in sum total.
Interesting in parts, predictable in most, pacy in parts, tedious in most, with hackneyed dialogues and characterization.  The positive is clearly fine acting. Arjun Ramphal enact his parts well. The direction is crisp, the story per se is weak.
It confuses itself between attempting to say something fresh, then gets lost in the “woman waiting for her eternal love of the 60’s and 70’s.”
Having said that it does attempt to tell a story of the current state of politics in India, but given that there were not many budget constraints, the constant scenes of telling as opposed to showing or giving layers to the character as opposed to making a smart and shrewd cookie, like Manoj Bajpai’s character, suddenly behave in a very irrational and almost stupid manner, example, hitting the bottle at every instance or going unarmed and Devgan’s character also showing up unarmed to protect him and then just surrendering arm in the end, make for a convenient story telling as opposed to an intelligent one.
Clearly the scriptwriter here, needs a lot of work, cause otherwise the characterization had a lot of scope and potential for some very interesting storytelling.
From the audience perspective the sub titling leaves a lot to be desired. Case in point is the number “thees saal, or thirty years” appears on the subtitle screen as 27.
Also all the women getting universally pregnant, the unnecessary scripting of the minorities holding on to their value system when voting, as opposed to everyone else selling out, again takes a very mundane turn to a very interesting start.
The positive in this is that it is not attempting to run away from some of the truths in the political system of a party being it’s own worst enemy, and that of a political family being a divided family.
Nana Patekar also is surprisingly underplayed and not the ususal Nana. The music and visuals suit the film. See this if you have 2 hours and 58 minutes to kill, else await the DVD and fastforward in parts. Till it comes on DVD watch Godfather, Kalyug and Mahabharat. That way you would have not seen the film, yet seen it.

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