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Khichdi, the movie – Review

Posted by Editor on October 2, 2010 | No Comments

Film     – Khichdi, the movie
Producer – Jamnadas Majethia
Director – Aatish Kapadia
Writer   – Aatish Kapadia
Actors   – Supriya Pathak, Anang Desai, Rajeev Mehta, Nimisha Vakharia, JD Majethia, Kirti Kulhari.

The nonsense family is back with a bang! And oh what a bang! Enough to keep the fans tickled and the ones unknown to the brand smiling.

For the unitiated, Khichdi, the movie, is an extension of the TV sitcom of the same brand. The one that detailed with great enthusiasm the trials of Babujee, the tricks of Jayshree, the idiocy of Praful and Hansa and the maturity of Jackie and Chakki, the two kids who are the only sane voices among this mayhem of a family. They all have their trademark style, mannerisms and dialogues not to mention typical IQ levels. As a long-standing franchisee it has won a lot of appreciation and audiences and converting that fan-following into cine-success was a risk. Which the film pulls of admirably.

The film starts with Jackie and Chakki telling the story of how their family ended up without sanity in a hilarious episode with the God of Intelligence, a popular diety in Gujarati tradition, played suitably by Satish Shah. This sets the tone of the film introducing its characters to the knowing as well as new audience. It treads the dangerous territory of being episodic or long-drawn out but avoids it all with its inherently insane screenplay and the unique Khichdi logic of things.

Hansa’s equally imbecile brother Himanshu has a ridiculous dream of having a memorable, extraordinary love story. And after a typical hare-brained quest they find the perfect match in the Punjabi Parminder next door, played by Kirti Kulhari. All is going well, as Kirti and her family seem to match the unique floor-level IQs of the Parekh family and it is love at first sight for Parminder and Himanshu. But, Himanshu wants drama and a love for which he has to fight. So the wily Jayshree and family set up plot after plot to give Himanshu his dream come true love story. What follows is madness, mayhem and merciless buffoonery that has you alter between smile, giggles and peals.

Khichdi, the movie has not only the same actors but its makers are the same too. It is easy to overlook the pitfalls of converting serial into cinema but Khichdi not only has its language pat but also its sensibility. It rides on the routine of referencing Bollywood hits songs and films for spoofs (They’ve even got Farah Khan to do a cameo!) and has a love story, or rather a quest for one as its central theme. The intelligence behind the insanity is pleasing.

For ardent fans, the omission of certain other staple Khichdi characters may be disappointing but the central ones present make enough ruckus to keep your mind off what’s missing. Apart from the regular characters not much is. Supriya Pathak plays her mindless ‘Hansa’ with the same silliness that is so central to the character and has made it rightly popular. The inimitable Praful, performs with the same confidence of the over-smart fool, Babujee, Aanag Desai, continues to invest the same energy which threatens to shoot his blood pressure if Hansa and Praful’s antics don’t! Vandana Pathak (Jayshree) trademark smart-alecy spicy portrayal is missed as Nimisha Vakharia fills in her shoes with justice but a tad bit more loudness than required.

It is rather a pity that Khichdi opens on a weekend that has audiences divided between heavy-weight Robot and middle-weight Anjaana Anjaani. But for sure, loyalists will find Khichdi no matter what and they will find it appetising.

Credit : Fatema H.Kagalwala

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