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Jootha Hi Sahi – Slow and Long

Posted by Vivek on October 23, 2010 | No Comments

Jootha Hi Sahi – Slow and Long

Director: Abbas Tyrewalla Cast: John Abraham, Pakhi, Madhavan, Nandana Sen

Take six or seven semi talented actors who are being forced to emote, throw in a clichéd story, actually not a story but more an unfolding of something that is beyond the comprehension of the audience.
It begins with John’s character telling the ultimate lie. He is the suicide counselor, who is not really one, but he is a good one and like most counselor he has a comforting presence in the life of the person being counseled.  So comfort correlates to love and that is the biggest drama. Can he tell his counselee that he is not the counselor but is in love with her? Sounds confusing, believe me it is way more to watch it as an audience.

The movie is a self indulgent journey of the leading actress, Pakhi Tyrewalla. Now throw in scenes of Friends, scenes and dialogues that have been played in various soaps and movies and more of Pakhi and that sums up the film. There appears to be a genuine attempt by John Abraham to carry that film, but with due respect to John Abraham, acting was never his strongest point, so when he becomes the strongest cast member, we know that as audience, it is going to be a long drawn journey.
The humor is forced, as is the drama.

The strengths of the film is the cinematography and that is about it.

The story has some convenient starts and stops, cause it almost plays like, “this is point A and I need you the audience to be in point B, and somehow, someway I am going to take you there, even if it makes no sequential or narrative sense to you.”
The supporting cast try their best, but then when the foundation is weak, not much can be accomplished. See this at your own risk and if you suffer from ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) this will be really hard to sit through.

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