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Walkaway – Those Pesky Moms

Posted by Editor on October 30, 2010 | No Comments

Walkaway – Those Pesky Moms

Director: Shailja Gupta     Cast: Manu Narayan, Samrat Chakrabarti, Pallavi Sharda

Walkaway has some fine dramatic moments and the script is definitely not one of them. It gets too repetitive. Consider this co-incidence. We have three male characters and ironically all three of them have the similar problem, an overbearing mother who is out to ruin their relationship or marriage. Luckily for the audience the fourth has no such problem.

Set in New York and with the often seen issue of arranged marriage and the clearly convenient supposition of New York based means being very modern and Mumbai based meaning you are on the doorstep of a village, this film goes where many before in this Indian American have been…that of marriage of Indian American and the issues facing it.

The photography and production values are solid as is the acting. Manu, Samrat and Pallavi in particular get well into their roles and do a fine job.

Unfortunately the clichés are way too many. If you are a director with a last name of Gupta and you are filming in or around New York, you just have to have the game of truth and bare. Manish Gupta did that in Karma Confessions and Holi and Shailja Gupta does that with this film.

The pace and the editing is crisp and the songs are a welcome diversion, but the sudden changes in moods of the actors, wherein they constantly go between black and white, is an irritant for the audience.

Although released in 2010, the subject matter has an element of staleness , a “been there done that” feel to it, which is a pity cause almost all of the actors really seem to emote well and just when they seem to be getting the audience attention, boom goes the script and the characterization, in different and diverse directions.

Having been compared to Having been compared to Sex and The City, this one does not come close in entertainment value.

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