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Posted by FATEMA H.KAGALWALA on November 6, 2010 | No Comments




WRITER – VIPUL AMRUTLAL SHAH (Based on the Gujarati play, ‘Action Replay’ by Shobhana Desai)

CAST – Akshay Kumar, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Aditya Roy Kapur, Neha Dhupia, Ranvijay Singh, Rajpal Yadav.


Diwali is here and it is time for Bollywood to unleash some of its big-budget monsters on unsuspecting audiences. This time from these hallowed divine stables comes Action Repplay, a tour de ‘farce’ and quite a waste of time.

The film is about time-travel (don’t groan yet) where a son, tired of his ever-squabbling parents goes back thirty years to a time before they were wedded inorder to make them fall in love. What follows is a low-budget college costume skit of mind-bending mayhem in fluorescent.

Operating in a vacuum, Action Repplay has Akshay Kumar and Aishwarya Rai in lead roles playing Kishen and Mala, one a simpleton and the other a firebrand, both of whom predictably can’t stand each other. In the mix are simpleton’s father Om Puri and firebrand’s mother Kirron Kher who, can’t stand each other as well. Also in the mix are the noted Roopesh Kumar type villain, Ranvijay Singh (here relegated to a joke) and the comic relief, Rajpal Yadav (who is no relief really). So Bunty (The Kid, NO puns intended) tries every tried and tested trick in the book, ranging from the superficial to the sexist, to get his parents to fall in love. And succeeds.

But two hours and crores of money rather late. Garish, senseless and without any kind of sensibility, Action Repplay is the poster film of the century about everything that a Bollywood film should not have. Aging lead characters trying to look and act sixteen, a plotless plot, loud and cheap sets and costumes that are a complete insult to the 70’s fashion! Since, nothing else is worth talking about maybe we can rant a bit about it. The 70’s were the decade of style in its true sense. Fashion world-over has never had a striking individuality and identity before or after. What’s more it gave you the least scope to go wrong no matter what, or at least our heroines (as well as our mums) never got it wrong. But Action Replayy gets it wrong in every possible way, reducing the 70’s to mere bell-bots and side-burns and criminally massacring the flower-power generation’s style to a mish-mash of colours and senseless combinations.

Action Repplay makes a lot of noise about nothing and if we fill up this page more guess we shall be following suit. Need we tell you more?


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