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PRODUCER – David Barron, David Heyman, Tim Lewis  (co-producer)

DIRECTOR – David Yates

SCREENPLAY – Steve Kloves, (Based on J.K.Rowling’s book of the same name)
CAST – Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Ralph Fiennes, Helena Bonham Carter

MUSIC – Alexandre Desplat

While it is always a difficult task to translate a book into a film, the Harry Potter films have managed to hit it just right every time. The first part of the last book in the series is no different.

J.K.Rowling’s phenomenally successful saga of a child wizard hero ends in the last book – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It is the journey of Harry and his best friends to finding the ‘horcruxes’, the secret to defeating Voldemort and achieving the final victory. The dark and enveloping danger is imminent and the stakes are too high now. It is the defining moment where the fight is between life and death, good and evil. The end will not only mean survival but also a permanent change in the meaning of the wizarding world.

The onus of it all, of course lies on Harry Potter. A saviour by no means, it is the teen’s personal quest to end this battle between him and Voldemort and emerge victorious. It is the question of his existence and identity; it is a question of his own survival too. “Neither can live while the other lives”.

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows – A story which is intense, long-drawn, and a climax to a series of six books and many lives, cannot be broken into two parts. It is an experience that has to be watched seamlessly. However, as the first of a two part series, the film manages to stand alone without giving an incomplete feeling. The note on which it ends, leaves a chill of anticipation and thrill for what is going to come next. This chill is not because of the brilliance of the story and the viewer’s own loyalty to the saga alone. In a major part, it is also the victory of the film that manages to create and sustain suspense even if the pay-off is a few months away.

The Deathly Hallows by far is the darkest book in the series and has psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual themes that are intertwined and intensely used. The film in some ways misses out on using the intense combination of all. It focuses too much on the quest and the events as they play out. The adaptation of many events is tweaked, there are slight omissions but all work to the benefit of the film. The film however suffers from a narrow focus on getting the events right rather than creating the mood of darkness and danger, which is what all Harry Potter films have been successful at, even Half-Blood Prince that had a thin plot to work around.

Harry Potter films have always stood out for their special effects. The SFX in Deathly Hallows blend with the film well but surprisingly are neither over-whelming nor under-whelming. Also, somehow, the underworld of the dark lord, his death-eaters, loyal servants and the Dark Lord himself don’t seem as scary as they are dangerous. However, the second part will be conclusive in the final deliverance of the whole package because concluding a full film experience after having watched it only till the interval, is unfair. Needless to say, the first part is enough to whet the appetites of Potter fans and even non-fans. The wait for the climactic second part is already on and that is a victory enough.

Fatema H.Kagalwala

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