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FILM – Break Ke Baad- Review

Posted by FATEMA H.KAGALWALA on November 30, 2010 | No Comments

FILM – Break Ke Baad
PRODUCER – Kunal Kohli
DIRECTOR – Danish Aslam
WRITER – Danish Aslam, Renuka Kunzru
CAST – Imran Khan, Deepika Padukone
MUSIC – Vishal- Shekhar

Times are changing fast and relationships are getting complicated. World-views are clashing and simple values/definitions are taking on undefined shades. The line between needs, wants and conveniences are fast blurring with nothing substantial to take its place. This is precisely the problem between Aaliya and Abhay, childhood sweethearts who now find they both want different things from life.

Urban in its sensibility, Break Ke Baad explores relationships and mindsets as relevant to the youth of today. Abhay is a straightforward guy, committed and believing in the institution of marriage. Aaliya is a carefree, ambitious girl who thinks her relationships come in the way of her dreams and hence is commitment-phobic. They have a strong and sweet relationship but life, however is not that sweet all the time.

Aaliya’s ‘need to fly’ clashes with Abhay’s ‘need for her’ and decides to take a break from their relationship. More of a reaction than a conviction, although perceived as one. Abhay does not understand the meaning of a ‘break’ and persists in trying to resolve the issues standing in between them. But relationships are two-way affairs and Aaliya refuses to do her part, leading to a break-up. Life moves on, both find their feet in an adult and complicated world but have they really moved on internally?

With the help of the much-bandied-about ‘space’ issues, the film plays out two different world views and value systems. It ties both individuals in a sweet and fulfilling relationship and explores their psyches, choices and worlds from there. It adopts a semi-light tone even while speaking of deeper issues and remains consistent to it, making sure they never weigh down the breeziness of the romantic film. In doing so, it sometimes chooses to downplay the core emotional value of the film and the relationship but never does it do it injustice. This consistency in tone and focus on central issues surrounding the lives of Abhay and Aaliya reflects an admirable grip on the characters and a sharp writing that is very rare to encounter these days.

The film is a breezy rom-com on the outside but hides within it real issues that it deals with in a real way. The balance it strikes between reality, relatibility and the feel-good factor makes it a worthy modern-day romance in sync with its world context. It is this unpretentious authenticity and crisp insight which makes the film a little more than the breezy rom-com it is happy to be.

Debutante director Danish Aslam, writer Renuka Kunzru and actors Imran Khan and Deepika Padukone form a commendable combination, each doing their best in their role. The actors embody their roles with conviction and the writing gives them not only good lines to deliver but also a lot of shades to explore. The direction is controlled and focussed, bringing the best out of the lead pair as well as creating drama out of the thin plot. Lyrics by Prasoon Joshi once again are a light blend of the deep and the fluff and his poetry has been aptly used as mainly background score giving a fillip to the urban sensibility.

Break Ke Baad is not high-drama like ‘Love Aaj Kal’ nor fully feel good like ‘Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na’ but stands in a territory between the two. It is an interesting unexplored space with the same sensibility as these two films, a sensibility though niche is real and fast becoming wide-spread. The final little triumph of the film is also that despite the ‘low’ drama quotient, it maybe likeable to an audience who does not belong to that world. Hope it does.


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