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The “non filmis” that are making their way through films, television and drama are doing something very important for the viewing audience. Breaking stereotypes and getting their unique perspectives to the story they become a part of. This more often than not, is an amazing experience for the paying audience. Tisca Chopra, a Delhi University topper, challenged wonderfully well, the place of academia in our society, via Taare Zammen Par. But there is a lot more to this talented actor and now an author. We get to be a part of her thoughts:

For a non filmi person, actually one who comes from a family of education professionals, how has the journey been so far in Indian cinema?
Films are a forbidding landscape for those from the outside. I have learnt that people are the same everywhere. Everyone likes good workers and team players. Everyone loves good gupshup and good khaana. And everyone always loves good kind people. The same rules apply to the film business. So I like to keep it simple- I try to work with people who love films as much or more than I do and work of a certain quality follows. The rest is unimportant.

You dabbled extensively in theater, prior to doing films, do you go back to theater often and if so, anything, that is coming up by way of plays?
‘Dinner With Friends’ is a new play I am doing. Its a Pulitzer Award winning play and directed by Feroz Khan, who is master of stagecraft.
It is a role of a lifetime-intense, funny, flirty, powerful. I have had to really stretch myself completely to do Diya, who is an untalented painter.
It is gratifying to see the House Full board, before the show outside the theater and get standing ovations at the conclusion. We are taking the play across India for our fist set of shows and then hope to travel with it a bit.

I guess no interview can be complete without treading into Taare Zameen Par (“TZP”), but lets put a different spin to it, compare your experiences with TZP and Hyderbad Blues Part 2?
Ans) Taare was brilliant script, with many layers and my role was a fairly evolved one. In Hyderabad Blues-2, my role was not fully developed. Taare was an idea whose time had come- inclusive education and the pressure that kids and families deal with vis-a-vis studies. And of course Dyslexia. Hyderabad Blues-1 was much more appropriate to its time of release. HB-2 not so much.
I enjoyed working with Nagesh and Aamir, both very bright men, with outstanding vision.

What are the upcoming films?
Lots of films are out this coming year- ‘Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji’ with Madhur Bhandarkar, ’404′- with Prawal Raman, ’10ml Love’ with Sharat Kataria, and a Punjabi American film called ‘Khushiyaan’.
So you see there’s a comedy, a psychological thriller and one family drama and all the roles are vastly different. Then in 2011, I will be doing a period film set in the partition era.

Are we likely to see you on Televsion ?
Ans) I’m on TV a lot by virtue of the ads I do. As far as acting on TV I’ve not been able to make that kind of time. There’s some talk of hosting a chat show, now that’s a really fun idea and I hope it happens soon.

Given that you have a strong academic base, is there a writer or a director lurking within you?
I have a book nearly ready, it should be out, this coming year. I’ve been at it for a while now.
I’m not so sure about directing but there are a few ideas I’d like to see made into films. Lately I have been thinking it might be a good idea to get a few like minded people together and collaborate to make films of the kind that we enjoy. I think this might make me very happy as it will be a new thing to do. You see I am bored easily, so its important to keep doing new and different things.

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