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Moner Manush won the Golden Peacock Award this year just a few days back at the IFFI, Goa which is a huge achievement since the award comes back to India after 10 years. Here we catch up with actor, Priyanshu Chatterjee, on his views about Moner Manush. Priyanshu, the actor, you will recall was also seen in another historical Pinjar, a few years back, so he is certainly no stranger to Historicals. The new, mature Priyanshu was evident recently in Chintuji, so we look forward to seeing more of him in Money Manush. Now over to Priyanshu.

How come the decision to do a Bengali film?
The decision was larger than just the spoken language of the film. The decision was based on the Subject-matter, the Director and the Producer of the film. All three were of prime importance and in this case, a beautiful amalgam. Lalon is a legendary figure in the history of Bengal and Bangladesh. Gautam Ghose is a Director of unparalleled repute in our country and outside. These factors other than the fact that India and Bangladesh were coming together on a project of such imminence after 58 long years were pretty compelling forces for me to want to be an important part of this project.

What was the experience like?
The experience was moving and life-changing for me. To delve into a particular period has always been fascinating for me( as was the case with ‘Pinjar’ ). In this case. with Moner Manush, it was delving deep into the life and times of Lalon Fakir and the Tagore family as that is the point of debate and the structure of the narrative of the film. The physical experience of the shooting of the film was equally exciting as I had to travel to remote parts of Bangladesh.

Talk a little about the director?
The Director, Gautam Ghose is a renowned director who over the years has mastered the art of sharing his vision with the rest of the world. He is one of the few uniquely gifted Director-Cinematographers who do their own camera-work. It was an honor to become a part of his vision. He is in my opinion one of the most temperamentally and technically sound Directors that we have in the world today.

What is the film about?
The film is about the life and times of a mystic saint, Lalon Fakir. He like the other Bauls of that time India practiced a way of life which became their religion and embraced one and all with equal dignity irrespective of cast, creed, sex, religion, etc. all the man-made barriers that existed then. The film has beautiful songs that move the soul and at the same time ignite our minds with logical questions about life and the purpose of it. The film is about tolerance in an other-wise intolerant society. It is a visual treat as well and will delight one and all regardless of it being in Bangla language. Although it is sub-titled in English as well.

Talk a little about your role?
My role: Jyotirindranath Tagore, the elder brother of Rabindranath Tagore, is a real character in history that most people do not know much about. He was the person responsible to give the world Lalon Fakir’s first sketch.In fact, the only picture available of Laon historically is the one sketched by Jyoti babu. He met Lalon and over a series of conversations with the saint realized that he was in the presence of unique greatness. Jyoti babu was known to promote talent, art, literature. Other than himself being a multi-faceted artist, in as a writer, painter, actor, singer and a whole lot more.

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