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FILM – Band, Bajaa, Baaraat

Posted by FATEMA H.KAGALWALA on December 10, 2010 | No Comments

FILM – Band, Bajaa, Baaraat
PRODUCER – Aditya Chopra
DIRECTOR – Maneesh Sharma
WRITER – Maneesh Sharma (Story), Habib Faisal (Screenplay and dialogues)
CAST – Ranveer Singh, Anushka Sharma
MUSIC – Salim Merchant, Sulaiman Merchant

Honesty saves the day, so we have been taught. This maxim saves the surprise of the season, ‘Band, Bajaa, Baraat’. An honest film that is true to its milieu, its characters, its story and intent, BBB, surprisingly is as feel-good as it is pleasing.

Shruti Kakkar and Bittoo Sharma start a wedding planning business together. It is Shruti’s dream and Bittoo’s escape. She has rules about it though. She won’t mix business and personal life and love is a definite no-no. They start their first run and in no time are a hit pair. They are raking in money, getting good experience, dreaming big and having a great time. Of course, all does not remain hunky dory and Shruti’s dream as well as Bittoo’s escape start becoming bitter.

Shruti and Bittoo’s lives may not be full of drama but it is full of everyday smiles and laughter. It is a light-hearted look at middle-class dreams wrapped in the glove of a rom-com but the inherent authenticity never lets the agendas of the latter come in the way of a pleasant experience. Despite gaps that are a wee misplaced, the story and the characters never seem forced. It pulls you inside the walls of its world and soon you realize you like it there.

The best thing about the film is it’s allegiance to its setting. The middle class Delhi is not a mere prop but a complete world. Full of realities that shape the story, the characters and the way it moves forward. It is a typical world shown in an honest and warm manner, never ridiculing, never gimmicking.

This strong grip on the world of the film directly corresponds to the well-sketched contours of the characters. Director Maneesh Sharma and writer Habib Faisal bring alive their hopes, emotions, values, decisions and actions that relate to the world these characters come from. They are products of that world and allow us more than a peek into it by being true to it. This commitment to one’s setting and world is a refreshing voice and makes the narrative an energetic one.

The mostly new cast performs with a thumping gusto. The energy of the by-lanes of middle-class Delhi is beautifully complemented by everyone irrespective of their roles. The lead pair matches step with each other effortlessly and complement each other’s quirk and energy like a quick, sure TT match. Ranveer Singh shines in his debut with an assured persona and Anushka Sharma sizzles as the resident Ms Guts.

The music leaves a lot to be desired but the choreography and pace of the film makes up for the lack in its entirety. But for an honest, little, popcorn-crunching, feel-good, rom-com, Band Bajaa Baraat is a good film.


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