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Posted by Vivek on December 12, 2010 | No Comments

In conversation with Kuljeet Singh of Ateliers Youth Theater Week (AYTW):

Tell us a little about the AYTW concept and how long has it been going for?
AYTW or Atelier’s Youth Theatre week is a movement to consolidate sporadic energies. We have been doing this theatre week since 2007 and we brought it to Mumbai to consolidate ourselves with the larger cross-section of people from the fraternity and industry.

AYTW also happened in 2007 in Delhi for 7 days and from there to now the response, has been humungous and our core area is CAMPUS THEATRE, though we invite Professional and Amateur teams as well so that the young aspirants network with the professionals.

What do you plan to accomplish by the AYTW?
The intention is to create a status of the THEATRE INDUSTRY to Theatre and Performing Arts. In the last 4 years with AYTW we have won over a large audience, quality content and acceptability in the corporate sector and amongst professionals from various walks of life. More and more people are doing it now and we see the productivity scaling up.

Theatre, by no means, is the thing of yore. Those who claim so, never tried it faithfully.

What are the highlights of this year’s AYTW?
INAUGURAL CEREMONY on December 5th, 2010 at Oxford Bookstore and a performance by a Russian group on Dec 5 – I AM EDITH PIAF – at Sophia Bhabha Hall at 7.30pm

Besides, Asmita Theatre’s AMBEDKAR AUR GANDHI on December 8 is a must watch. DIRTY TALK and HOO LALALA is very exciting. DIL-I-NADAAN by BMCC college Pune is very promising.

What are future plans?
Next Year AYTW will also be visiting Bangalore and Kolkutta. Plans are in the pipeline to create a world class auditorium in Delhi to excite new theatre groups to come and perform at a nominal and affordable cost.

We are collaborating with the best of minds to ensure the viability of this art form without diluting the CONTENT, which is our prime focus.

A 1500 sq feet space is devoted to Atelier Studio already in Delhi and small time performances have started with 100 odd as an audience. Community Theatre is the next big thing.

This is our little contribution to Indian Theatre, if at all.

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