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MegaMind – Review

Posted by FATEMA H.KAGALWALA on December 27, 2010 | No Comments

Film: MegaMind

Producer: Lara Breay, Denise Nolan Cascino

Director: Tom McGrath

Writers: Alan J. Schoolcraft, Brent Simons

Cast:  Will Ferrell, Jonah Hill, Brad Pitt, Tina Fey

Music: Lorne Balfe, Hans Zimmer

We know good prevails over evil or at least should. There are so many ways both present themselves, so many ways both hide themselves. Megamind explores a few and then some more.

A super-hero story of a power-wielding alien MegaMind who as a child happened to land on earth in a prison and was brought up by prisoners among a world of crime and subverted world views. What is right is taught to him to be wrong and vice-versa. He learns evil and evil breeds in him as he is constantly defeated by his good-guy nemesis MetroMan. But this time, the war between good guy bad guy is not a long-drawn battle between the traditional good and bad. Mega Mind becomes MetroMan’s nemesis and kills him, becoming the only super-power. He takes a pledge to become the most evil he can since that is the only thing he knows.

But human nature is not so simple. Good knocks at his self and he finds it difficult to relent. The tug of war and real war between good and bad is now within MegaMind.

Fantastically layered and yet kept light and contemporary, the film explores set definitions of good and bad with particular emphasis on choice and human nature. Twists in the story are delivered rather comically even if they set forth a series of questions of deeper significance. Snappy dialogues and a steady momentum keep the experience fun even when a heavier sub-text plays on just under the surface. The film superbly works on two levels, offering a choice of experience to whoever prefers either one; an enjoyable super-hero ride or a film layered with more important questions of human existence.

While there are number of twists in the film that sustain interest, the premise itself is intriguing. The super-villain kills the super-hero, and now what? In a beautifully simple insight the film throws a challenge at the newly anointed super-hero – of boredom. After all without anyone to rival him with the whole city to himself and his trusted right hand man Minion (that MegaMind invents a body for him) MegaMind is soon faced with the fact that he has nothing to do, there is no one to fight anymore. So with his super-intelligence he creates a new superhero – Titan, out of Hal, cameraman of town reporter Roxanne. But Hal turns out to be the rogue and wants to have the world for himself using his new super-powers.

The twists continue with a sprinkle of romance and re-defining evil of its own characteristic self. A yet-another 3D film, the animation is engaging and in tune with the tone of the film, light and comical at times. Not really mind-blowing but of a standard for thorough entertainment. Fast, fun and yet not empty, the film would probably be as enjoyable to adults as it is sure to be for little ones.


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