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Toonpur ka Superhero – Review

Posted by FATEMA H.KAGALWALA on December 27, 2010 | No Comments

FILM – Toonpur ka Superhero
PRODUCER – Kumar Mangat Pathak, Krishika Lulla
DIRECTOR – Kireet Khurana, Raagi Bhatnagar
WRITER – Kireet Khurana
CAST – Ajay Devgan, Kajol
MUSIC – Anu Mallik

It is a myth that Indian animation films are low on quality because of technical reasons. What ails mainstream film-making in general is the disease of animation films too. Weak story-telling and then gimmickry over-taking story-telling. In short, Toonpur ka Superhero is a telling example of this disease.

Aditya (Ajay Devgan) is a superstar. He has a happy family with two kids but one of them feels let-down that dad isn’t really a ‘hero’ since he fakes his stunts onscreen. While Aditya battles this truth of his world, in a parallel land, a cartoon one called Toonpur, plots are on to get him over to destroy the evil Toonasurs that have usurped the land. He is their ultimate hero and they believe he can do the job for them. Can he? And if yes, how will he? What are his obstacles and his journey? What are the lessons he has to learn and tests to undertake?

Rivetting questions, but the film barely asks them, a lack that keeps it from being a stronger film. The complete refusal to answer any of them with more than cursory importance, makes it only worse. It is quite sad that a story that has heroism as its main theme does away with the very questions that could have given it value and chooses to spend time on cultural stereotypes, gimmicky set-pieces and forced laughs.

It does not need reams to spell what went wrong and why but it definitely needs reams of regret. After a long time and probably one among the firsts (Hanuman Returns being the other one) to take popular culture, its myths, cliches and habits to make a contemporary animation film. However, a short focus on screenplay and long one on gimmicks makes it an un-redeemable exercise in film-watching.

The film ends with a ten minute video-game challenge that is by far the unique and the only well-done aspect of the film. However, a lack of conviction of the lead pair, Ajay Devgan and Kajol lead that sequence nowhere despite its interesting premise.

The film is probably worth of note only because of the star value attached to it but a surprisingly unconvincing Kajol and an equally surprisingly careless Ajay Devgan disappoint in more ways than one. Director Kireet Khurana’s handling of the film, his actors and his screenplay is amateurish at best, laying to waste a promising premise that could have changed the way we look at animation films in India. But that was not to be and we are left saddled with a terribly un-heroic film that has nothing going for itself, not even the animation.


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