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Zakir Hussain – The Unmatched Intensity of Mr Nice Guy

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Zakir Hussain – The Unmatched Intensity of Mr Nice Guy

When audiences walked out of SARKAR, they had one question on their mind. Who was this actor, who had played the Antagonist and matched AB, stare for stare and intensity for intensity?

Zakir Hussain, the actor, had arrived. And the character of “Shardul,” in Jhonny Gaddar, further emphasized his talent.

But abundant talent apart, what Zakir is universally acknowledged for, by his peers and fellow professionals, is his positive and proactive attitude on the sets. In effect in the highly competitive rat race that is Bollywood, here is one nice human being.

And now, he awaits his next challenge….a perfect comic role and also talks about his other, hidden talent….his singing ability.

Over to Zakir:

A little about your journey from a non filmi family to Bollywood?

The journey started from Meerut UP, way back in 1979, came to Delhi for studies, saw TV for the first time in Delhi. Used to take part in school functions and  one day my school mate asked me to do a play at Mandi House (Mandi House is a cultural hub in Delhi). The name of my friend is Ajay Manchanda and he continues to do theater in Delhi. This way I got a start in theater. After 5 years of amateur theater I decided, that I wanted to make this my profession. First I did a 1 year acting course from the Sriram Center for Performing Arts in 1987 and in the following year I joined the Sriram Center for Performing Arts Repertory Company as a professional actor for two years (1988-89).  Next I got admission in the National School of Drama (NSD) and completed my degree/diploma in acting in three years (1990-93). Immediately after passing out from NSD, I did my first ever camera work for DoorDarshan, with a serial named “FIRDAUS.” This was based on the Kashmir issue. I played the main protagonist. Then I join the National School of Drama Repertory Company as professional actor for 2 years, (1994-95). Left National School of Drama Repertory Company in 1995, did some work in Delhi for two years and came to Mumbai in 1997. Here I started with a TV show for Ramesh Sippy. The name of the show was ‘GAATHA’ and thus started the journey in Mumbai. I did a good numbers of TV shows during that time. After a couple of years I got a chance to do one scene in Sriram’s film ‘EK HASEENA THI’, RGV (Ram Gopal Varma) saw that scene and I got a call from him. Bollywood! here I was.

Given your strong theater background, what is your preference, purely as an actor, between theater, television and films?

Of course theater, is my first love, but you can’t compare between them, all are unique and distinct, mediums. One has to understand the medium first and then one can enjoy working in it. I am open to working in any medium.

The intensity of your performances in Sarkar and Jhonny Gaddar, really caught the attention of the audiences. What was the experience working for Ramu and Sriram?

Working with Sriram and RGV is mind boggling fun, because both of them can’t tell you how to do it but they can tell you what they want in the given character, so….first an actor working with these two should understand what they want and translate that in to his/her performance.
Personally for me it is the most enjoyable and challenging way to prepare for the character, because as an actor I got the chance to create the character, based on the director’s idea.

When can we get to see Zakir in an outright comedy role?

Recently my film “AJAB PREM KI GHAJAB KAHANI” was released, in which I did the role of a Don but in a comic way. Waiting, for something good to come to me in comedy.

As per the grapewine, you are an amazing singer, any desire to cut an album or render your voice to a film song?

I learned music and I sing because it helps me as an actor, to understand the other aspects of art. I have no desire for an album or to sing in films, as I am not a professional in these areas but I do understand music and enjoy it. If accidentally some thing happens then I will not stop my self.

What are the upcoming projects, in films, theater and television?

The upcoming films are: (1) ‘POWER’ – Rajkumar Santoshi
(2) ‘DHAMAAL2′- Inder Kumar(comedy)
(3) ‘AGENT VINOD’- Sriram Raghvan
(4) ‘PAAN SINGH TOMAR’ – Tigmanshu Dhulia
(5) ‘SHAAGIRD’ – Tigmanshu Dhulia

I am currently not doing any project in television or theater.

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