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The actor, Aamir Bashir, was recently seen in Peepli Live. This graduate of St Stephens College as lived up to his alma matter by displaying plenty of grey cells in his performances. Now he also ventures into the directing world and talks about his movie, Harud.

The one thing you learn about Aamir is that he is frank and forthright. Qualities that are not always evident with Showbiz, but here is a guy who calls it as he sees it, much like his acting, precise, compact and making the point more by the whole persona, as opposed to excessive emotions or loud talk.

Presenting Aamir:

Talk about your recent directorial debut and what was it about the story that compelled you to choose the subject that you finally did?

I am from Kashmir and this is a story I know well enough to begin with. Also, I feel that whatever films have been made so far on Kashmir, do not tell the Kashmiri perspective. Invariably the protagonists are from outside Kashmir. HARUD on the other hand tries to give you the insiders perspective and it is an attempt to explore the Kashmiri state of mind. I had no plans to Direct as such. After working intermittently working on the script for around four years, we felt this was not just a story that needs to be told, but is also doable. At the end of the day, people make films and I was lucky to have a great bunch of people willing to work on this film.

Having done reasonably well in the festival circuit, is there a plan to release it theatrically?

Every filmmaker wants their films to be seen by as many people as possible. So yes we do intend to release the film. Whether we can and when and how is not clear simply because there is very little opportunity or space for films like HARUD to get a theatrical release in India. Any film that does not have known faces and does not fit into a genre like comedy or thriller faces an uphill task. Also, people in the business tend to look down upon “festival films”. So let’s see.

The adjustments, a non filmi St Stephens Graduate whose family has a Chief Justice amongst others, has to make to survive and thrive in Bollywood and Indian Television?

Well to thrive, I guess you have to throw your background and education out of the window into the Mahim creek! To survive, I suppose you have to generate your own work and try to live within your means.

A Wednesday, was when you came into prominence to the NRI audience. When you signed on to play that film did you have any inkling that it would turn out the way it did?

I never think about an audience before accepting or refusing a role. It’s beyond my control even as a filmmaker. I find it condescending towards an audience to be a judge of what people would like or dislike to see in the theaters. So to answer the question I did not expect A Wednesday to do as well as did with very little publicity and marketing.

What’s upcoming in the world of films and television for you?

My responsibilities with Harud are ongoing since I am one of the Producers as well, along with Shanker Raman, who is also the Cinematographer and co- writer of the film. Both of us are developing an idea for our next film which is again set in Kashmir and is tentatively titled Winter. As far as acting is concerned ,I am reading a couple of scripts but nothing is confirmed yet.

You tend to be someone about whom not much is heard off in the press, which is then followed by an outstanding creative performance and then back to the low key existence, is that deliberate?

I don’t see the point of being talked about in the Press if it isn’t for one’s work. Nowadays, the lines between news and fiction are blurred. It’s best to stay out to stay real I guess. Not that the Press is seeking me out or anything like that.

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