Films | Barkha Madan Presented Key To The City Of Milpitas, CALIFORNIA

Barkha Madan Presented Key To The City Of Milpitas, CALIFORNIA

Posted by Arjun Sekhri on December 30, 2010 | No Comments

In what can be termed as a proud moment for Indian Cinema and Art, actor Barkha Madan, was presented the Key to the City of Milpitas, California, US, by the Honorable Mayor of Milpitas, Jose Esteves.

This was a grand recognition, not only for Bollywood, in the US, but also for the Indian Theater, Television and the Independent (non – starry) film movement, since Barkha has been doing  work, in all of these mediums.

Barkha, who has been a part of movies such as KHILADIYON KA KHILADI, BHOOT and SOCH LO, has also faced the camera for television, with the more prominent serials being GHAR EK SAPNA, SAAT PHERE, MERA HUMSAFER, SANJAY KHAN’s 1857, etc. In fact the first and only Indo – Dutch, co production, DRIVING MISS PALMEN, also featured Barkha.

The Key was given as part of the Global Music Video Release of the film SOCH LO (, organized by Kesar Group of Entertainment ( It was held in The New Heritage Of India Restaurant, Milpitas, CA. The host for the event, was Ritu Mahindru, whom many may remember as the fearless movie reviewer for Showbiz India TV.

Hollywood, and the US, has till now seen the star centric blockbusters from Bollywood on the one hand, and then the festival circuit, Arthouse films, on the other, but, by recognizing Barkha, this was a momentous step by the West in accepting the third form of Indian, film based entertainment, that of the non starrer, non festival, mass communicating film. This was also recognition for the abundant talent that is there in the creative circles of India, which does not get talked about significantly, outside of India. This gesture by the city of Milpitas, changed all of that, in one swift moment. The honor was befitting since 2010 has been the year when smaller films such as UDAAN, PHAS GAYA RE OBAMA, etc have stolen the thunder from traditional Bollywood. It was also befitting an artist, who has covered every possible medium, that an actor can aspire to cover.

This was also a super coming out party for the organizers, Kesar, who are venturing into various other Media related ventures, in the days and months ahead.

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