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When Madhur’s FASHION was released a couple of years ago, one of the highlights of the film was its music.That amazing rendition of Mar Jaawaan, continues to be the focal point of the movie and that voice belongs to Shruti Pathak. Shruti has also rendered her voice to DEV D, LUCK, ANJAANA ANJAANI amongst other films. The uniqueness being that each one of those songs, has stayed on long after the movie moved on. Interesting, the voice was also different in all the films, yet memorable, a unique quality of Shruti being able to “sound” like the movie and the mood, where she is rendering the playback to. Here we get a chance to talk to this talented singer and find out that she is also an equally talented lyricist.
Over to Shruti:

On the whole “Mar Jaawaan” experience, how did that project come your way and did you realize when rendering your voice to it, that it would become such a successful song?

Mar jaawaan is the most beautiful experience of my life. Never knew it would be such a huge success. But when I recorded the song, I knew it was a tailor made song for me. There was an instant connection with it. It totally touched my heart. And I’m glad the song did the same to the music lovers!

Apparently you are also a writer or more aptly lyricist, what is more exciting, the singing of a song or the writing of one?

Singing is my passion and writing is an expression. Both are equally important. I write what I feel and I sing cause it is something I can’t live without.

In three of your most high profile films to date, Dev D, Fashion, Anjaana Anjaani, your voice has blended right into these very diverse movies, when you are doing playback, do you get into the movie and the character, cause it seems you “sound” as the movie “looks,” a unique quality indeed?
Yeah! We are explained the situation of the film and the song. So it helps emoting correctly. But most importantly, its the song itself! I am lucky to have such beautiful numbers. And thankful to the composers for trusting me with their piece of art.

What are the upcoming projects?

Yes!  Couple of songs in pipeline. One of them is a Shah Rukh Khan film. And another one is a David Dhawan film. So two different kinda projects… Really looking forward these two especially.

A little about what got you into the film industry?

Singing is all I wanted to do since childhood. And hence I moved to Mumbai after my post graduation.

Songs and music are a very integral part of Indian films, your view on that statement?

Now the scene is changing a little bit. There are films being made with minimum or no songs. But I feel, Hindi cinema will be lifeless without music. I don’t favor those who use songs for no situation also. But no music is a li’l scary. I do agree, music is a very integral part of indian films.

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