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Director: George Nolfi, Screenplay: George Nolfi,  Based on Short Story By: Philip Dick

Cast: Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, Anthony Mackie, John Slattery, Michael Kelly, Terence Stamp

The biggest disservice to THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU, is done by its marketing team by calling it an offshoot of the Bourne series. By itself, it is an average watch, when built up against the hype of Bourne, it falls flat. This is a date movie at best, a sentimental story, not an action thriller. This to the audience proves to be the biggest let down.

Hollywood, like its cousin Bollywood, is going through some major story crises. Films stories and concepts are being forced on the audience with the premise, “this is different.” Different it maybe, but hardly palatable.

The one difference though is the performance. Don’t expect Matt Damon to kick ass here, do see him act. The woman steal the thunder in this allegedly male film. Emily Blunt’s acting is as refreshing as her smile. Right from her entry into the scene till the last frame, you want to root for her more than anything else. She is the “adjustment” the bureau so desperately are trying to make. She is also the reason the audience gets somewhat involved in this film. It is not that Damon does not act well, it is that Emily acts amazing.

The other highlights are the solid supporting casts, primarily lead by Anthony Mackie and John Slattery.

What the movie really lacks though, is a soul. In the backdrop of a city with character, New York, the characters don’t seem to grow onto the audience. The theme appears forced and the “feel” and the “heart” are missing in this one.

Matter of fact this is probably one of the most “mushy” and “sentimental” movie to come out, in the guise of a thriller, in recent times.

However, there is one major highlight in this movie. The dialogues are outstanding and outlandish and genuinely funny, without being over the top. The irony brings a smile, just when the action is beginning to get very dull.

Watch it, as a regular Hollywood movie and you will be fine, watching it as a Bourne or anything else, will bring you crashing down to terra firmer

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