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Meet Sundeep Kishan: The silent man of the film SHOR IN THE CITY.

Posted by barkha on June 5, 2011 | No Comments

Sundeep was the most impressive actor in the film. His was a very difficult track. The vocal skills and the hand movements, the general shortcoming of Bollywood, were kept in curb by the directors and the histrionics and the numerous conflicts going on in the head of the actor, had to be ably communicated to the audience. This was where the actor arose and Sundeep showed what classically good acting was all about.

His other association with cricket, given that he played a cricketer in SHOR IN THE CITY, is that he is the face of 7Up for Tamil Nadu, for the IPL.

Starting out in Chennai as an Assistant Director to Gautham Menon, the decision to make a career in movies was taken early on and the path of the Assistant was the best way to figure out what the craft was all about. On moving subsequently to Hyderabad, it was his performance in Prasthanam, a Telegu film, that got noticed. It also caught the attention of the directors, Raj and DK, of SHOR.

He is appreciative of the fact that the audience has enjoyed his underplayed performance in SHOR and admits that it was a difficult role to enact, but helped by the fact that he had a very able set of directors leading him through the motions.

The role is what matters to Sundeep the most, as opposed to whether he is called the hero, the character, or the negative, etc. His multi lingual skills are put to the test as he readies for his Tamil film, having already done films in Telegu and Hindi.

Just as his underplayed acting in SHOR was appreciated, he wants to take that mindset to every film that he does. Branding himself is not his obsession, getting his character known to the audience in every film that he does, would be mission accomplished.

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