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LOVE EXPRESS – Film Review

Posted by FATEMA H.KAGALWALA on June 10, 2011 | No Comments

PRODUCER – Subash Ghai
DIRECTOR – Sunny Bhambhani
CAST – Sahil Mehta, Vikas Katyal, Mannat Ravi, Priyam Galav, Om Puri
MUSIC – Jaidev Kumar

Love Express is a romantic comedy of a couple who first tries hard to break their forced arranged marriage and then tries hard to get together. The couple is engaged and on their way to Mumbai for the wedding along with both their families. Stuck in their coupe with each other they hatch a plan to disrupt their wedding successfully. But soon enough they no longer want it that way.

The film is loud and garish with all the trappings of a Bollywood Marriage Film. It has obscenely over-dressed aunties, gossipy relatives and random song and dance sequences. It has humour but unfortunately which is rather forced and unpleasant. The film has a tacky packaging and it is as much a reflection of the middle class protagonists it showcases as it is of the sensibilities of the film itself.

It has a string of debut performances by a number of fresh faces and the lead pair impress with their presence. The remaining are an assorted bunch of unimpressive actors that sadly does not make for an entertaining or pleasing experience. Om Puri, the grandfather of the bride, plays his role with his usual panache but his stature is sadly reduced by the overall tackiness of the film.

The screenplay or the narrative has nothing to write home about either bordering on convenient and downright listless. Not much love in this express.


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