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Cycle Kick – Review

Posted by FATEMA H.KAGALWALA on June 18, 2011 | No Comments

PRODUCER – Subash Ghai

DIRECTOR/WRITER – Shashi Silgudia

CAST – K.P. Nishan Nanaiah, Sunny Hinduja, Girija Oak, Ishita Sharma, Dwij Yadav

Cycle Kick is a simple story of two young boys Ramu and Ali, and their desire for a cycle. They also happen to be in the same football team of their college and will learn friendship and team-work while fighting for the Cup.

Ramu (Nishan Nanaiah) and Deva (Dwij Yadav) are brothers with little to look forward to except their simple dreams. Ramu wants to have a cycle so that he can ride his handicapped brother to school everyday and can make better money at his job. He also has a wish to be in his college’s football team and play for his college. He finds a broken cycle and along with his brother and mechanic friend makes it spanking new. He also gets selected for the college team and love blossoms in his life too. Just when things couldn’t get better his cycle gets stolen.

Ali (Sunny Hinduja) on the other hand is sulking because his father doesn’t have enough money to buy him a cycle right-away. So Ali steals money from him and buys a cycle that happens to be Ramu’s. A chase for ownership ends up in both having to share it. A thwarted love affair leaves Ali heart-broken and the fight that ensues out of that not only leads to the final football match but also to the final bonding of the two.

Authentic and down-to-earth, the film is set in the beautiful Savantvadi of Konkani Maharashtra. Shot with an eye for pleasing locales and generous space, the film is extremely easy on the eye with the simple yet breath-taking visuals of water, cliffs and greenery it offers. The quiet, wet roads of the quaint town beckon with an old world charm and the simplicity of the lead characters as well as their world befit the nicety of the overall experience.

The film commands some convincing performances from the fresh faces. A certain confidence in the simplicity of the film lends it a tightness despite it being low on drama or emotion. It is a rather unlikely and surprising piece of cinema on a weekend full of much-touted mass entertainers.


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