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FILM – Not a Love Story

Posted by FATEMA H.KAGALWALA on August 20, 2011 | No Comments

PRODUCER – Sunil Bohra, Shailesh R Singh
DIRECTOR – Ram Gopal Verma
WRITER – Rohit Banawlikar
CAST – Mahie Gill, Deepak Dobriyal, Ajay Gehi, Zakir Hussain
MUSIC – Sandeep Chowta

Ram Gopal Verma picks up an incredibly disturbing real life story and brings us his latest ‘Not a Love Story’. The film is based upon the inhuman murder of Neeraj Grover by small-time actress Maria Susairaj and her boyfriend Emile Jerome Matthew that stunned India in 2008.

The film revolves around the murder and the only facts it stays true to are those of the heinous act. It weaves its imagination around the culprits and presents a saga full of loudness and force, now symbolic of RGV’s film-making.

Mahi Gill plays Maria Susairaj (Anusha in the film), a small-town girl who comes to Mumbai with dreams of becoming a star. Deepak Dobriyal plays her almost psychotic lover, Robin and Ajay Gehi plays the ill-fated Neeraj Grover. The film starts with Anusha trying desperately to convince her boyfriend how important a career in acting is for her. After much dissuading Robin finally agrees. Anusha moves to Mumbai and thus begins the journey on a road of no return.

Ram Gopal Verma, once again uses his infamous unusual film grammar to tell his story. The obsession with obstructive frames continue but to no clear or resounding effect. Rather it dilutes the experience by distracting the focus from what’s being conveyed to simply nothing. The over-use of loud sound never lets a steady mood build or the drama settle to its cold deathliness, the very theme of this terrible real-life event.

Even with unhelpful camera and sound for company a few things shine through in the film and these are namely Deepak Dobriyal and Mahi Gill. This is no psychological study of what leads one to kill one’s own soul and how one lives with it but a surface exploration of human reactions. Within this limited scope both actors perform with a confidence and intensity that once again speaks of their talent after their individual impressive debuts.

The film is disturbing because it brings the monstrosity of the crime too close for comfort. But it is also disturbing simply because it is a true story. The film comes across as rather perfunctory and were it to be a work of pure fiction, could have also bordered on puerile. However, the emotional tautness of the film saves it from losing face so does the amount of emotional energy Mahi Gill invests in her role. If it has to be watched, it is simply for this explosive actress who can change colours on demand and that, in these times, is a sheer treat to watch.


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