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The one thing, filmmaker Deepa Mehta does have, is an acute eye for talent. That eye spotted a theater actor, Vansh Bhardwaj, in Delhi and a decision was made! Vansh made his debut in Deepa’s film Videsh. His fine acting was applauded in the film and Vansh had arrived. He continues to perform in the same vein, in films and theater. His movie Sahi Dhande Galat Bande opened to wide critical acclaim and once more the performance of this talented actor, was noticed. Here we catch up with him:

1)  Talk about your journey to Mumbai to become an actor?

always wanted to be an actor. In India, there are just two ways of getting fame, cricket and Bollywood. Initially I wanted to be a cricketer. I played a lot. I started theater as a hobby at a young age of 11. Gradually cricket took a backseat. I did a lot of amateur theater; participated in the zonal youth festival etc. But never won any. It was then that I decided that this is where I want to make it big.I did my Masters in dramatics. Deepa Mehta, saw me on stage performing ‘Nagamandala’ in Delhi in the year 2005. She told me then that she would work with me for sure. In 2007, I shifted base to Mumbai from Chandigarh. I had to come back due to some problems. It was then that she offered me ‘Videsh- Heaven on Earth,’ without any audition, I gave a screen test, and I was in. I shot for the movie and finally came to Mumbai in 2009.

2)  Given you spent so much time in theater, is it goodbye to that medium, now that films have become a part of your life?

Oh no, not at all. That’s definitely not the case. Its been three good years in the film industry, I have done three films, and I am still in contact with Neelam ma’am (Neelam Mansingh Chaudhary), and even now we perform, and we shall keep performing. I personally enjoy acting on stage.

3)  On your role in Parvin Dabbas’s directorial debut?

My character’s name is ‘Sexy’ in Parvin’s movie. He is stylish, young, energetic, flamboyant, has an uber cool sense of dressing and an attitude to carry it off with elan. He is the youngest in the gang, dreams of owning a bachelor pad, and likes chubby girls. He is fun!

4)  On your experience working with Deepa Mehta?

It was a dream come true for me! To get one’s first film with an Oscar nominated director, one can’t get a better debut! To my surprise, she was very easy to work with. She gave me complete freedom on the sets. She wants an actor to bring out something of their own in the character to make it believable. And an outstanding feature in her is that she works in depth and in layers, this challenges your capacity!

5)  Your upcoming projects, in films, theater.

Theater- I shall be going to New York in October for a demonstration cum conference with our play- ‘ A Wife’s Letter’ , written by Rabindranath Tagore and directed by Neelam Mansingh Chaudhary. I shall be performing the same play in Hyderabad in November.

Films – awaiting the release of ‘Cooking with Stella’, directed by Dilip Mehta. I have signed two more films, but can’t share their details as of now.

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