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Raj Arjun-Tryst with Destiny

Posted by barkha on August 25, 2011 | No Comments

Ram Gopal Verma’s much awaited film ‘Shabri’, is all set to see the light of the day.
One person who has all his dreams, aspirations and hope pinned on the this film is Raj Arjun.
And rightly so. It is not everyday that an actor gets noticed in one shot and goes on to play the protagonist for the next of Ram Gopal Verma.

Unleashing raw energy and powerful intensity on the silver screen, Raj, shares with us his life changing experience of ‘Shabri”

journey as an actor…
Iam from Bhopal. I did theatre there for 10 years.I have worked with many known theatre groups. I regard Habeeb Tanveer as my guru. Even now i do plays with Feroz Khan and Makrand Deshpande.

on getting ‘Shabri’….
A few years back, Praval Raman Pande called me for a very small role in Ram Gopal Verma’s film ‘Company’. It was not even a role it was just a shot, i was in Bhopal but i came and did it wholeheartedly because i always wanted to work with Ram Gopal Verma.
And that small shot was a beginning of my association and belief in RGV.
Later, say after 2-3 years, he remembered me because of that small shot and asked Praval to call that shooter ..RGV didn’t know even my name till then.
I met RGV and I still remember the first thing he said “This character,Murad, has an intensity of Bhiku Matre (Manoj Bajpayee in SATYA) and anger of Chander (Vivek Oberoi in COMPANY)”
Murad is a Matka don. Now you go think about it. And once you are ready with the character and all. Let me know.
I took 17 days to chalk out Murad. It was extremely difficult for me to work on a thin line.
When i met RGV again, he observed me, my clothes, my slippers, hair etc. He didn’t say a word and went inside his room. I was confused and perplexed.
Then one young man came to me and introduced himself as Lalit Marathe, writer, director of Shabri. Lalit was excited and said that he has got his Murad..

 on co-star Isha Kopikar…
Isha is a good co-star. She is very professional and hard working.
She has to be in the skin of the character and she was. I did not see Isha as the  heroine of a film.She was Shabri from the day one.
She has no ‘starry air’ about her. She is very down to earth.We would discuss  scenes together. I was very comfortable with her.

 on director, writer, Lalit Marathe…
Lalit is a fantastic director to work with. I would love to work again and again

with him.
He is a dream director to work with. He gave me total freedom to perform at the same time was holding me and guiding me along.
I had met with an accident, i went to Lalit and said ‘How will i perform with a broken leg? He said, ‘Come what may, you are my Murad. I will change the script

and show Murad as a limping man’. What more can a newcomer ask for from a known director.

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