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The man in the maze

Posted by FATEMA H.KAGALWALA on September 3, 2011 | No Comments

Producer: Mitesh Kumar Patel
Director: Mitesh Kumar Patel
Writers: Mitesh Kumar Patel (Story), Matthew Bucculoo, Steve Hester, Josh Hodgins, Michael Jamal Mitchell
Cast: Andrew Roth, Liana Werner-Gray, Erik A. Williams, Stephanie Long Lomenick
Music: Suhash Kulkarni, Siddhartth

Four people travel through the woods in the quest of a hidden Indian legend and find themselves trapped by a curse. This seemingly simply premise has been simplified some more in ‘The Man in the Maze.’

Directly reminiscent of the 1999 guerrilla sleeper hit, ‘Blairwitch Project’, ‘The Man in the Maze’ takes two men and two women into the depths of a forest and haunts them with unseen things. Soon the unseen becomes seen and bodies start falling. It seems it is simply a race against time.

Director Mitesh Patel treats horror with a looseness that brings a lull to the entire proceedings. The edge of fear and looming threat of the unknown is clearly missing and the dullness is amplified by pedestrian dialogues and zero chemistry between actors.

The film begins with the foursome bound and unconscious, captured by a bandage-faced maniac. They escape but get lost in the woods. Directionless, without food or means to survive in a strange forest they do find time to romance and take casual rests. There seems to be no hurry to find the way out or understanding of the dangers of physical survival. In combination with the ‘twist’ that comes way past interval seems, well, to be left uncommented.

The distinct lack of the thrill element really amounts to the ‘horror’ having totally failed. Amateurish direction, dull dialogues and listless performances come together to actually make one wonder, what were the numerous festival selections for?


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