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Mere Brother ki Dulhan – Movie Review

Posted by FATEMA H.KAGALWALA on September 9, 2011 | No Comments

PRODUCER – Yash Chopra
DIRECTOR – Ali Abbas Zaffar
WRITER – Ali Abbas Zaffar
CAST – Imran Khan, Katrina Kaif, Ali Zaffar, Tara D’Souza
MUSIC – Sohail Sen

She is Dimple, our heroine. Life is an ecstatic adventure for her and she loves her freedom. Her exuberance is infectious and her wildness amusing. But now she is done with living life on the edge and is all set to get married, Indian style; arranged marriage and the works. But was life ever that simple?

In the already difficult equation of life Ali Abbas Zaffar adds in the complications of the Indian society and everything it means. Kush, our hero, has set out on a mission to find the right bride for his ‘heart-broken’ elder brother Luv. Tired of failed relationships, Luv has decided to take the so-called safer route of marriage as well. In comes Dimple, as the ideal proposal but Kush and she have a mini-history which has nothing to do with a romance just Dimple’s endearing wildness. But Dimple, the sorted-priorities girl, turns out to be a good match and the wedding is fixed.

Hilarious twists rol out one after the other with the right balance of sense and sensibility and of course, all the given masalas of a Bollywood film. The only difference being, this one works! Fun-filled, imaginative dance numbers and melodious music make this one a sure-fire entertainer it sets out to be, right till the credits roll. It references our own cinema in a delightful manner that doesn’t make fun or deifies it, simply using it to add that bit of more zest. Delicious!

Mere Brother ki Dulhan, the director keeps a strong grip in the story, narrative and laughs right till the end. He sets out to tell a warm, breezy tale and churns out rom-com that does more than all of that!

Katrina Kaif is clearly the star and soul of the film. Her whacky energy and carefree liveliness are a first-of-a-kind she has ever exhibited. She keeps the mood of the film and character right till the end, never over-doing, never faltering. She displays a distinct spark that brings her character alive yet never becoming over-bearing. Imran Khan, playing the sensible, balanced ‘Indian values’ boy yet again after ‘Break ke Baad’ tries hIs best to match her step for step but fails without that natural flexibility he lacks as an actor. Newcomer Ali Zaffar employs every acting trick in his bag to appear entertaining but comes across as simply trying too hard.

Heart-warming performances see the film through a delightful two plus hours and among them, Parikshit Sahni as the caricaturish authoritarian Colonel father of Luv-Kush shines strong and bright.

The film starts on an uncomfortable note, but then Katrina Kaif unfolds on the screen and with her does a sensible script and an assured director’s hand. There, your weekend family entertainment dose is ready with lots of garnishing of humour and fun. Strictly enjoyable!

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