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Speedy Singhs – Movie Review

Posted by FATEMA H.KAGALWALA on September 24, 2011 | No Comments

PRODUCER – Frank Siracusa, Ajay Virmani, Don Carmody
DIRECTOR – Robert Lieberman
WRITER – Noel S. Baker, Jeff Schechter, Matt Simmons and Vinay Virmani (screenplay)Ajay Virmani (creator), Vinay Virmani (story)
CAST – Vinay Virmani, Russell Peters, Rob Lowe
MUSIC – Sandeep Chowta

Yet another under-dog sports film. Yet another Punjabi family in the Western world fighting discrimination through sports. Yet another orthodox, angry Indian father wanting the younger generation to ‘toe the line’ by doing the conventional thing and give up sports. Yet another yester-years failed player taking up the daunting task of coaching a talented team with poor prospects. Yet another foreign-brought-up Indian kid coming back to his roots. And so on.

‘Speedy Singhs’ is that riddled with clichés. The Indian kid in question is Rajvir (Vinay Virmani), the star player of Speedy Singhs, a rag-tag team. The father is (Anupam Kher) wants him to work at his uncle’s factory. Rajvir does but practices with his friends whenever possible until the team catches the eye of Dan (Rob Lowe). With him they also get a lawyer in his sister Melissa (Camilla Belle). Together they journey towards an impossible-looking dream of winning the ice-hockey championship.

As is evident, the end is predictable. And as it turns out the proceedings are pretty much predictable too. A smattering of staccato dialogue conversations keeps the interest going, especially the touch-me-not romance between Rajvir and Melissa. But after a point, the one-liner TT becomes too repetitive between everyone.

All characters are likable and the actors do a commendable job. Vinay as the confident lead shines through and just about manages to not appear cocky despite his constant almost-smirky dialogue delivery. He has an assured demeanour and a charming screen presence that is tailor-made for youthful romances and works well within the limited scope of the film. Anupam Kher bellows and roars, and then melts like a candle as all traditional filmy Punjabi fathers have done before him. Russell Peters, popular stand-up comedian throws in his jabberwocky but forgets to add facial expression or appropriate body language to the package. Sakina Jaffrey as Rajvir’s mother handles extremely well, her stereotyped role of the strong and sensible female voice of the family caught between a rebellious son and angry father. Akshay Kumar makes a cameo appearance and then joins in the customary end credits item, something he supposedly felt was his responsibility as the executive producer. Not that it does much for the film anyway.

Sports films pump adrenaline through the very use of the very competitiveness of the game. The stakes are always high and more often it depends on the camera to justify the tension. It does a somewhat plausible job here but the involvement remains peripheral, amounting to little adrenaline or interest, such is the nature of the entire film.


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