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Sahib Biwi aur Gangster – Movie Review

Posted by GJ on September 29, 2011 | No Comments

PRODUCER – Rahul Mittra, Tigmanshu Dhulia
DIRECTOR – Tigmanshu Dhulia
CAST – Jimmy Shergill, Randeep Hooda, Mahie Gill
MUSIC – Abhishek Ray, Amit Sial, Ankit Tiwari, Anuj Garg,Jaidev Kumar, Mukhtar Sahota, Sunil Bhatia

Yeh Jugni badi Crazy hai !! Sure it is crazy. Now it’s a separate story that we never quite got why it is crazy. Sahib, Biwi aur Gangster -The royal threesome. Contrary to what the publicity projects be assured there is no threesome in the movie. Yes, there are only royal frustrations.

The movie is about royal poverty and power. Power that though long gone still has some erstwhile royal families living its hangover.  The story, as the title suggests, revolves around three key characters. Sahib portrayed well by Jimmy in a manner quite real and composed. Biwi portrayed by Mahie quite convincingly at times as the crazy Jugni and Gangster where Randeep has only very little scope of delivering a performance or maybe he misses delivering it. What goes completely amiss from the title is its tagline, ‘The Royal Threesome’. There is nothing royal about it.

Sahib (Jimmy), the ‘poor’ scion of a royal family, has begotten himself to being nothing more than a criminal arranging killings and tenders in exchange of money. Other than his income through illicit means he is also seen living off whatever his stepmother, his father’s concubine who was bequeathed all the royal property, sparingly gives him.

Considering Sahib has nothing going for him, he has no money, no army, no property on his name, no public following, people loyal to him are being mysteriously killed, he has only a single rifle bearing murderous bodyguard, his wife has a history with affairs, he has a driver with a broken leg and he cannot pay his concubine on time, the narrative still tries to tell us he is a very powerful man. Wish the narrative also told us why?

Never mind, we go with the hazy narrative and believe that he is a powerful man. Now because he is a powerful man he obviously has enemies. Gainda Singh, a political fixer and Sahib’s rival, plants a mole (Randeep) in the royal household to take care of Sahib. is instead is smitten by Choti Rani (Mahie) who is a complete intoxicated psycho at times.  She is a confused soul trying to establish her identity and make her presence felt. Extremely unpredictable with her mood swings she wants Sahib and his power.  She possibly has a fetish for young drivers.

Thanks to a few convenient twists is able to turn the tables in Sahib’s favor. But just when all seems settled makes his move. Fool! He should have at least known that just by getting admission in the royal kindergarten blood does not become blue. He is taken by surprise in a game he thought he had mastered. His royal chapter, closed before it opened.

The Jugni song is catchy and its lyrics blend in well with Choti Rani’s character. The background score in general seems amiss.

You know all those ingredients, like those of an ujdee riyasat, ambitions and lost dreams of what remains the erstwhile royalty in India, killings, crime politico nexus ruling areas of eastern U.P., a royal and loyal bodyguard who would put down his life for Sahib, a crazy Choti Rani, a royal keep, a royal stepmother who was a keep, Gainda Singh a political pimp, Deepal Shah (who is completely wasted in the movie) and a twist in the end, the story does have the ingredients but it is just not gripping enough and lacks pace.The narrative is not convincing on why Sahib is still powerful considering he has nothing other than only a royal hangover most of the time?  What is the history with Choti Rani and a Lalit, a character so mysterious that we only hear of him but never see him?  Why is there no attachment, physical and emotional, between Choti Rani & Sahib? The audience is forced to work around assumptions.

There are some strong dialogues but they somehow totally manage missing the punch, really they do. If any of you follow boxing you will know that feeling of disappointment when the fate of a very interesting boxing match is decided by a RSC (referee stops contest) instead of a knockout, this movie leaves us with the same feeling. It deprives us of a very potential thrill.

They say no one ever gains in battle. Everybody looses in the end. Sahib, see the movie for him for he has performed well and determine whether he won or lost in the end.


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