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Twilight Saga – Breaking Dawn – I – Movie Review

Posted by FATEMA H.KAGALWALA on November 25, 2011 | No Comments

PRODUCER – Wyck Godfrey, Stephenie Meyer, Karen Rosenfelt
DIRECTOR – Bill Condon
WRITER – Stephenie Meyer (novel “Breaking Dawn”) Melissa Rosenberg (screenplay)
CAST – Robert Pattison, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner
MUSIC – Carter Burwell

It’s Bella and Edward’s big moment. The dream union they have cried, fought and pined for over three books/films has finally come to be. It means transforming into a vampire for Bella and even though she has made a decision it isn’t an easy step to take.

The film begins with this turmoil. It sets the tone for the rest to come, which is disturbing and relentlessly difficult. Easy, anyways, never was the right word to describe Bella and Edward’s love story.

And easy is not what Stephanie Meyer plans to keep it for them. Bella gets pregnant with what everyone suspects to be a monster child since the growth is unnaturally rapid and it seems to be sucking off all life force from Bella. She refuses to drop it even as the other werewolfs decide to kill it, seeing it as a threat. Jacob steps in and vows to protect Bella and her baby. The last book of the much-popular Twilight series ‘Breaking Dawn’ sees the human Bella, the vampire Edward and shape-shifter werewolf Jacob fight to save Bella and her child’s life.

As with the Harry Potter series, the last part of the Twilight saga is split into two parts. The first part ends with Bella delivering a healthy baby but succumbing to death. Until Edward steps in. Bella’s transformation is imminent but is it too late?

Breaking Dawn – I has been constructed like a rather slow film. From the pre-marriage jitters to the wedding and post, there is a sluggish stay on expressions and reactions that take too long to be done with. Drama is not the high-note but the emotional tension of the imminent danger to Bella’s life from within and without. This tension is played with rather tepidly what with Edward’s guilt, Jacob’s anger and Bella’s permanent disgruntled frown that stays the same throughout all kinds of emotional experiences.

The screenplay lacks dramatic tension even as Bella’s and Edward’s love story will keep fans hooked out of sheer loyalty. As a pre-cursor to the finale and an important exposition to the mother of all transformations, that of Bella turning into a vampire, the film is largely a go-between, a conduit between two great moments, simply meant to set the stage and prepare for the greater drama. For fans it I sure to be adorable, especially the lovely wedding and dream honeymoon. For non-fans, it is rather lukewarm film even convenient in places, not the perfect vehicle to convert of course. For the former set, it is yet another whoop to eternal (and sometimes confounding) Twilight-ism.

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