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The band Delhi2Dublin truly represents globalization. Coming out of Vancouver, their music can be termed as a fusion of the Dhol meeting the Fiddle and it literally is that, a mix of Bhangra and Celtic. They have steadily climbed up the Canadian and global charts and remain true to their roots, which is the multi cultural base of their home town, Vancouver. Here we talk to the band, that is rocking the globe:

A little about how the group came into being?
We evolved from a one-shot performance at Celtic Fest in Vancouver in 2006. A somewhat random coming-together of musical acquaintances that tuned into a band!

On your choice of name for the Band?
‘Delhi 2 Dublin’ was the name of the party that we played our first gig at – when this project was just a collaboration. It still conveys the melding of styles that we express – we like to say ‘From Delhi to Dublin and everything in between’

The influences to your music? What role has Canada played in this, given that it is as diverse as their music and their name?
Tons and tons of influences – everything from Asian Dub Foundation to U2 to Jazzy B to MIA. That’s what makes it fun to write music together – we really are coming at from so many different angles. Being Canadian, and more specifically, being based on the ‘Best’ Coast, is a big part of who we are. We evolved out of a rich stew of interacting musicians and artists in East Vancouver. The support of the crowds and the general open-mindedness gave us legs here, else where we may have never gotten off the ground.

Your upcoming concerts/tours/single?
Check the website for dates ( Our new album is out in late August

What inspires the group?
People coming together and celebrating. We are always most inspired after great gigs – we feed off the energy of the crowd

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