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Ravi Bhatia – Daring To Dream and Acting To Make It A Reality

Posted by Vivek on February 20, 2012 | 1 Comment

The amazing thing about the Television industry of today, in India, is that it is attracting talent from all over India. Their stories are not dissimilar. They are probably the first in their town or their house who dream of showbiz, most often that dream is put on hold because of their environment. But instead of letting go, they channel all their energies, to make it to a TV channel.

Ravi Bhatia is one such actor and individual. Here we talk to this rising TV actor:

A little about what got you into acting in the first place?
After completing my studies from my hometown I came to Delhi with my elder brother and started working in call center. Then moved to Mumbai for acting. It has been my passion since childhood-  I always wanted to be a HERO. ;)

Your most treasured work in Television till date?
My last show ‘Hamaari Beti Raaj Karegi” on Sahara One channel.

 What are your upcoming projects?
Currently I am doing “Veer Shivaji” on COLORS, also a new show which is in the pipeline.

 Any desire to be in Films?
Yes I always wanted to be a film actor only. Just preparing myself for films, so I am ready when the opportunity presents itself.

A typical day in the life of a TV actor, describe it?
Its kind of hectic. It looks easy on TV but we actors work really hard..usually wake up at 7am,…get ready and  reach on shoot at 9am then work till 9pm or sometimes 11pm. And then come back home or sometimes I go to the gym at 12midnight and the sleep at 1am and again get up at 7 am :)

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we want to invite you and send the materials ,pics for forthcoming boolywood events , moviz and models shoot , regards , pl snd your ids and contact nos, regards sunil bhatia April 12, 2012 at 10:32 pm
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