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Jodi Breakers – Movie Review

Posted by FATEMA H.KAGALWALA on February 25, 2012 | No Comments

PRODUCER – Prasar Visions Pvt Ltd
DIRECTOR – Ashwini Chaudhury
WRITER – Aakash Kaushik
CAST – R. Madhavan, Bipasha Basu, Milind Soman, Dipannita Sharma, Omi Vaidya
MUSIC – Salim-Sulaiman

A film that begins with an Omi Vaidya talking to the audience can rarely be good news. And as things go, Jodi Breakers really isn’t, though it tries hard to be.

There is this very beefy and scruffy Madhavan as Sid who after a rough and tough divorce, has gotten into the business of helping people get a divorce with the help of Shonali (Bipasha Basu). One such case goes completely awry when Shonali realises the real intent of Sid behind breaking up Maggie (Dippanita Sharma) and Mark’s (Milind Soman) perfectly happy marriage. Sid is repentant though and wishes to correct it. But by then Shonali is in love with him and so is he but is in denial. They set about getting Maggie and Mark back together, collaborating for one last time.

The plot above doesn’t merely sound complicated but is as twisted. The film goes on a merry-go-round to finally get Sid to admit his love for Shonali, something he does with little flair or fun. Much like the film itself.

The film is a rom-com set in the context of our modern society with its multiple divorces and fragile relationships. But this is a superficial reference point, much like the superficiality of the entire film. The comedy becomes forced and romance almost non-existence. The camera however, caresses the visuals of Greece with breathless passion unlike any other locales of the film. But a very cosmetic approach to every aspect, be it screenplay, dialogues, pace and characters make the story unfolding onscreen uninspiring. What’s more the film also finds a way to squeeze in an item number by Bipasha Basu acting totally out-of-character for a girl who is supposed to be a dreamy, vulnerable, believer-in love. But then, such are the ways of Bollywood. Also, you have a very portly and uncomfortable Madhavan dancing away with bikini-clad girls with disastrous effect.

Probably what goes against the film strongly is the unlikely pairing of the lead cast, who unfortunately, do not share a breadth of chemistry. Not particularly known for exemplar performance abilities, both lead with enough energy to get by. Bipasha’s unusual styling becomes increasingly distracting after a point of time and so does Madhavan’s utter lack of it. Milind Soman plays his uni-dimensional character within his limits and among the melee only Dipannita Sharma stands out as trying to invest more in her role than is demanded but the graceful lady sadly just doesn’t have enough meat to succeed. She is simply smothered in a film with a meandering plot, a colourful and shallow approach that makes up this entertainer of little heart or skill.

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