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SRK’s character turned to her to “give em back some,” in Chak De and Tanya become the darling of the masses and her teammates. Here we catch up with this bundle of talent and find out that in real life too, she is ready to give it all that she is capable of. The journey has not stopped since CHAK DE INDIA, in fact it has just begun. Tanya is a regular and much appreciated, actor on Indian Television and here we catch up with her to find out more:

Was being an actor in the plan?
The  journey has been amazing till now. I never planned to become an Actor. I wanted to become an IAS officer. But I got the opportunity to act and took it as a challenge and now am very happy to be here in this space and field.

What was the Chak De experience like?
Chak De was my first project and I was very new to Bollywood and the film industry. It was one of the most wonderful time of my life. For me it was like I’m part of a hockey team and some camp is going on. When we were in the process of making the movie nobody knew the fate but the way all of us worked hard I was sure that people would love it. Shahrukh is a great actor and a wonderful person. He gave us a few tips and was very co operative to work with.

What in your opinion is your best work in Television?
I can’t pick and choose one cause everything I do I try to give my best. So all the work I’ ve done is my favorite. Although I love doing “BEST OF LUCK NIKKI” on Disney cause it’s a different show where I’m playing  a 16 yrs old school gal.

About your upcoming projects in Television/Film, etc?
I’ m recently doing  2 shows for Disney and NDTV Imagine. The show on Disney is seasonal. The new show that I’ m doing for DKP is JAMUNA PAR which starts on 27Feb on NDTV. In this show I’m playing the only sister of a houseful of boys. It’s a cute n light Haryanvi character. In BEST OF LUCK NIKKI on Disney I’ m playing  Pam who thinks she s the most beautiful and chilled out gal, who firmly believes she can cooly handle whatever problems there are out there. My last movie released was MILE NA MILE HUM with Kangana  and  Chirag Paswan . Am also currently, dabbling in theater.

Other than being an actor, what else defines, Tanya?
Other than being an actor mmmm.  I never thought of that haha..well I would say am more like a normal human being who wants to achieve something for which I have the potential.  And  am going to extend my abilities. Am very much a family gal..I love my friends I think my life is incomplete without my friends..I hate corruption and think we need reel  heroes like Singham s in real life also.

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