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A super success in the cut throat  world of modelling, Freddy Daruwala, leads the pack of the current generation of models. Freddy recently suffered a serious motorcycle accident and while wishing him a speedy recovery, we get a peek into his life in the fast lane.

One day you are in Gujrat and the next thing you have taken the Modeling world in Mumbai by storm. Relive the experience.
I was fascinated by modelling and all that encompassed throughout my college years in electronics and then management degree.I got a taste of it winning the Mr. University contest which gave me the confidence to win Mr. India World ’07-’08.  Thereafter, I decided to move to Mumbai to pursue modelling full-time .  I, amongst hundreds of other aspiring male models have experienced the glamour world with the same bitter-sweet taste of what simply “is” for this business. My initial journey shifting to Mumbai was full of financial struggle and insecurities of finding shelter. At times living as a nomad for months whilst working days full of high-fi shoots, wearing top designer clothing and working with the best photographers in the world.
The dichotomy of the two worlds I was living in was a daily struggle. I worked with limited resources but still had to find a way  to maintain and support a healthy lifestyle with meticulous sincerity to working on my physique and ensuring appropriate nutrition to build a competitive body for the business.  After five years, I can say that my initial journey was truly character building. The years in this business has proven that passion and sincerity have supported me along this physical and mental journey of “becoming a male model.”  For me this is only the beginning… when I decided to leave my family in Surat I knew that it was going to be for a reason.

State of the Fashion industry today, from a Male model’s perspective?
There is an understanding that the  modelling business for men is not as lucrative as it was in the time of Arjun/Milind/John.  This is due to a few factors. There is greater competition with the upcoming aspiring models and thus the life-span for a male model has significantly decreased.  A lot of commercial endorsements are now taken by the big screen stars so there are limited avenues for a male-model to position himself, also favouritism plays an important part as well.  I feel these three key factors have limited the growth of the male modelling industry in India.To overcome this, the best advice I can give to upcoming models is to maximize on your individualistic quality,their x factor, optimistic attitude, hard work, sincerity, unwavering confidence.
Any aspirations to do films, television?
There has always been a natural inclination of mine,  to grow, may it be professionally or personally.  I have taken the necessary actions to work either in television and the big screen by completing acting courses and just started some dancing courses.  Offers have been made, however I’m waiting for the  right opportunity to come along.
Your best campaign and runway shows?
Nivea for men has been my favourite campaign, and favourite runway shows are for designer Manish Maholtra during LFW 2010 and Pal Zilleri,

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